Kendall Jenner's 17th Birthday Party PDA With Jaden Smith Makes Us Wonder What's Up

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Kendall JennerKendall Jenner and Jaden Smith sitting in a tree ... ? That's what rumors are saying after pictures of them holding hands at Kendall's 17th birthday party popped up today.

There's a bit of an age difference, as he's just 14, but they do make a pretty cute couple. And what a combination -- Will Smith's son and the Kardashian sisters' little sister. Talk about a power couple. But the more details we hear about the party, the more unlikely the match seems.

First of all what a party it was! The theme was a winter wonderland, and right there in her own backyard was an ice skating rink (their pool had been frozen for the occasion). How cool right? Both figuratively and literally. And oh yeah, there was snow too. Khloe Kardashian tweeted: "We had it snowing in Calabasas tonight. #WinterWonderland"

But think about what people do when they ice skate -- they sometimes hold hands for a couples skate, or they sometimes need to grab someone's hand to keep from falling. Add to that the fact that Too Fab reports that Kylie Jenner was also seen skating hand-in-hand with Jaden as well, and it's more than likely Kendall and Jaden are just friends. Or even more likely -- that Kris Jenner had them hold hands for a photo op so that rumors would start flying.

You know Kendall is the next hot Kardashian commodity here. Heck in another year, she's 18, and then sex tapes and all are fair game. So who knows what mama Kris has planned for her. It will be interesting to watch both Kylie and Kendall evolve in the coming years ... and to watch Kim Kardashian grow more envious as she's no longer the most desirable sister in the land

Already she's said she's jealous of Kendall's figure. When Heat magazine recently asked her which celebrity's body she envies most, she said, "My little sister Kendall. I'm like, 'I just want to be you for one day'. How are we even related?" My guess is Kim will continue to get even greener as Kendall continues to steal more of the spotlight with or without Jaden as a beau.

Do you think Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith would be a good match?


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Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

LOL just being innocent kids, jadens 14, thatd be too odd

tuffy... tuffymama

Lordy. Why are these people so fascinating to The Stir? MAYBE Kendall (the prettiest of the bunch) can have a career and actually do some work, and Bruce Jenner had his athletic and hosting career, but the rest of those people have done NOTHING but lie on their backs and/or get paid for a family member to lie on her back (or suck a dick, but you KWIM). All I want for Christmas is for the KarTRASHians to go the fuck away.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Oh good grief, I saw the picture and they are ICE SKATING which, if you're not used to doing it, tends to make you FALL ON YOUR ASS if you don't grab a hand. Lighten up and quit acting like a gossipy little girl.

hello... hellokd87

It amazes me that Kim says she envies Kendall's body. Maybe it's because she's tall? As a 5'1 curvy girl myself, I know I wish I were taller. But rather be a bean pole? Nah, I'll stick to being known for a big butt!! :-P

msbhappi msbhappi

What is wrong with a big sister making the statement that her little sister has a wonderful body. I didn't read any jealousy into that statement. Give me a break.

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