Nicole Kidman Reveals How Tom Cruise Broke Her Heart

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dujour magazineIt's been over a decade since their divorce, but Nicole Kidman is still heartbroken over her divorce from Tom Cruise.

Yes, she's remarried to country crooner Keith Urban, with whom she has two beautiful daughters. But a new interview with DuJour magazine reveals the Aussie star may be still pining for her ex.

Though it's been over a decade since they were together, it's clear the memories of their romance are bittersweet. She first met Tom in 1989 after he arranged to meet her after seeing her performance in the thriller Dead Calm. Married a year later, "I was reeling with Tom," she told DuJour. "I would have gone to the ends of the earth for him ... I was so impulsive and naive."

As the years passed, she grew more enamoured with the star. "I was totally smitten -- I fell madly, passionately in love." With one of the most high profile marriages in Hollywood, they were constantly under the microscope. As Nicole tells it, it was them against the world. “We were in a bubble, just the two of us. We became very dependent on one another,” she said.

Then it all came to a shocking end. As they celebrated their 10th anniversary, "I thought our life together was perfect," she recalled. Then two months later, Tom left her. The only reason he gave for dumping her was a cryptic, "Nic knows why." She begged him to stay, but Tom, it seemed, never looked back. "It took me a very long time to heal," she admitted. "It was a shock to my system."

After hearing so many rumors about Tom Cruise's many romances -- they are fake, arranged, contractual with an expiration date -- it's surprising to hear such an outpouring of emotion from Nicole. She seemed to be truly in love with the actor and absolutely devastated by his decision to leave her. Well, what goes around comes around, as they say. Tom was reportedly equally blindsided when Katie Holmes took off. But my heart really goes out to Nicole. We have all been there.

Meeting Keith restored her faith in love. "My life changed. He is a wonderful, caring man and he makes me feel secure. We don’t ever like to be separated," she shared. Now married six years, "I'm happier than I've ever been in my life."

Are you surprised to learn Nicole was so in love with Tom?

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Of course not,she was a young girl at the time.You make it seem so shocking that she loved her husband,but you went completely off the rails to even suggest that she is still pinning for him.Seriously what were you smoking?

nonmember avatar Kim

Of course, she was in love with him; he was her husband. Still pining for him? Hardly! Read her quotations; they're all in past tense. She's got her soulmate now, Keith, a man who loves her more than anything and respects her tremendously. The two of them are inspirational!!

nonmember avatar Diana Duran

You do a horrible disservice to the beautiful and strong love and bond between Nicole and Keith Urban when you insinuate that Nic is still in love with TC. Nothing in her words brought the reader to that conclusion...all past tense quotes. Go back to your Kardashians No drama here! Nicole and Keith and sweet them.

Bev Cervone-Kola

Yeah, she's better off without him and Ericka, you should have proofread your article before posting.

Jenny Ratcliff-Edmund

I'm still profoundlly hurt by my first divorce but I met a better man who is truly the love of my life.  But if I think back (which I seldom do), the sting is still there.  Who wants to be rejected?  That can stick around for a long time. And her pain had to be intensified by all the media crutiny and coverage.  I credit her for moving on and not getting bitter and angry.  


Barbara Miller

He's a short man w/a huge ego. He's on the curb now, karma he earned himself. Keep on walking Nicole. If you went back today he'd do the same thing again. Screw him!

sthfl... sthflachk

Um, first, horribly edited. Second, where did your article give the reason he broke her heart? He just split. No explanation, nothing. Your article was a waste of time on so many levels. 

Dorothy Palmer

Tom cruis,e for god's sake, is gay. Who the he-ll does Kidman thinks she is kidding? They had no children b/c they never had intercourse. Give us a break with these cowpie articles. They are just more lies.

nonmember avatar Velvet Hammer

Nicole got pregnant during the filming of Moulin Rouge. Tom thought he couldn't get anyone pregnant so he was sure it was someone else, so is Suri really his? Most of this article is p.r. b.s.

Bill Clausen

What I can't get out of my mind was Tom's interview (with Katie Holmes by his side) with Oprah shortly after Katie and him became an item. While everybody make a big deal out of Tom jumping up and down on the couch, what nobody talked about was how he had dumped Nicole for Katie. Furthermore, all these women in the audience were screaming in adoration for Tom like girls at an Elvis concert while failing to realize what he did to Nicole and all I could think of was how many of these women will be angry and embittered because they will get dumped by some smooth-talking charmer such as Tom Cruise. All the while, Oprah--the patron saint of progressive womenhood--enables this behavior. Had she had any backbone, she should have said "Sorry Tom, you're not getting on MY show, not after what you did to Nicole and your children".

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