'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Returns to TV in Another Attempt to Put Us Into a Coma

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Ben Flajnik

Huh. He never really struck me as the fame whore/showbiz type, but now that former Bachelor Ben Flajnik has landed his own reality show, it looks like he may dig the spotlight a bit more than anyone originally thought.

Yes -- I said he's landed his own reality show, as in a reality show that centers solely around him and doesn't have anything to do with 25 women trying to win his affections. (Whew! For a minute there, I thought maybe ABC was making him The Bachelor again.)

Ben's new show will be on the E! Network, and it will basically follow him around in his daily life working at his winery, Envolve. A source told Wetpaint, "It will be about the day-to-day business of the company. Both from the wine-making and the marketing angles."

Zzzzzzzz. Is anyone else already snoring?

I mean, the wine part is kind of cool (because wine is awesome), but the whole day-to-day business stuff is enough to put anyone into a deep state of REM sleep. Who cares about how they make the wine -- when do we get to drink it?

Supposedly Ben's friends and his sister will also be a part of the show, but I'm not sure their presence is going to make things any more interesting. Ben's season of The Bachelor was pretty entertaining -- but only because of his ex-fiance Courtney Robertson. Honestly, if she hadn't been on the show, ABC probably would've lost a lot of viewers fairly early on into the season. Ben seems like a nice dude, but let's face it -- he pretty much put the "B" in boring as far as being The Bachelor goes.

Ugh. This new reality show is only in the negotiation stage, and I think I already hate it.

But there is hope -- maybe if Ben and his friends and his sister guzzle a lot of the wine while they're making it and showing us how to run a wine business, things could potentially get a lot more interesting.

How's that old saying go? "In wine, there's truth"? or something like that?

(Maybe we'll finally find out why he refuses to cut his hair.)

Will you watch Ben's new show when it comes out?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar lola

I can't stand this man. Enough with him. He wasted everyone's time picking that tart Courtney.

nonmember avatar Farrah

Totally agree. He was a complete waste of time. Not only did he prove how boring he was, but picking Courtney showed how shallow he is too. Despite all the people warning him about her, he STILL chose her in the end. Unreal. Total (h)airhead.

Leah Sperlongano

I adore Ben...I think he's dorky and hot & I'd be stoked if this show actually happened. :)

Fame Ricci

Time to move on from Ben, Courtney and Emily and Jef. I think we've heard more than enough. Can't think of anything else to talk about?

Valerie White

Somebody might need a defibralator to revive them if they watch this show!

Kristen Stez

Just cannot get into him..............

LuvMy... LuvMySmoopy

This show will be put on my "I'm only watching this if I really need something to make fun of, or someone pays me at least $500" list....

nonmember avatar Kimberly Goyena

Love it. Would soo watch cause its Ben. Such a cutie!!!

Cindi Jackson Krol

I really liked Ben, I wish him the best

nonmember avatar Zelma

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