'Breaking Dawn 2' L.A. Premiere: 5 Most SHOCKING Quotes! (VIDEO)


Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn World Premiere
Robsten together again!
Wow, can you believe how many people camped out -- for five days! -- to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stand next to each other on the red (actually black) carpet at the Breaking Dawn 2 L.A. premiere?! (Not to mention Taylor Lautner and Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene, etc.) What am I saying, of course you can believe it! Because as far as big Hollywood events go, the long-awaited premiere of the Twilight series final installment is about as BIG as you can get.

So of course those black carpet campers were expecting something BIG -- but even so, there's no way any of those totally devoted Twihards could have possibly predicted some of tonight's most shocking moments. (Hello?! Robert Pattinson wore a GREEN SUIT!) Not to mention some of the most shocking sound bites. I think it's safe to say nobody expected anybody to actually say any of this stuff out loud ....

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1. "I got my butt kicked by Kristen Stewart and it was kind of fun." (Taylor Lautner)

Oh, poor TLaut.

2. "It's like Wuthering Heights." (Stevie Nicks, comparing the Twilight saga to classic literature)

Um, you sure about that Stevie Nicks??

3. "I never know what I want to do until it's right in front of me." (Kristen Stewart)

No kidding, really?

4. "I'm dehydrated!" (Robert Pattinson)

Good to know, dude.

5. "Oh god, that's embarrassing!" (Robert Pattinson again, upon seeing his image on a huge screen)

Aw, shucks.

What was the most shocking sound bite you heard at tonight's Breaking Dawn 2 premiere?

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headi... headingsouth13

"gigglesqueek" i can not wait until Friday

bugdo... bugdoodle313

Kristen looks stunning!! Love the dress!

Pinst... Pinstripes4

I'm doing a "plus one" on the dress too. I absolutely love the color

Linda Jarrells Vargo

i cant wait til nov.16 i love all the twlight movies. they belong together

Leslie Moore

Actually, Stephenie Meyer based all of the books in the series on classics.  Look it up.

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