'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Taylor Armstrong Has It Out for Brandi Glanville

Taylor ArmstrongForgiving and forgetting isn't big on this season of RHOBH so far. Instead, the ladies are clutching their grudges fiercely, and besides Adrienne Maloof's big monstrosity of a flower arrangement with a questionable motive, no one seems willing to make the first step to make amends. Tonight they dug those high heels (the higher the heel, the closer to God, after all) in even farther and fueled the ongoing fires.

I'd kind of forgotten how pissed off Taylor Armstrong was with Brandi Glanville last season. But Taylor has NOT forgotten and made it very clear ... in a totally wimpy, passive-aggressive way.

Brandi was nervous at Portia's party without her ally, Lisa, but Kyle pishaw-ed her concerns saying, "No one is going to be rude at a child's birthday party." Yeah, right, and it was surprising that she didn't choke on her words. Of course, that's just what Taylor was when she marched in and fawned all over Camille Grammer (so glad to see her back!) and didn't even glance at Brandi who was sitting next to her. It was blatantly rude and pointed for sure.

Then after Brandi left the party to avoid drama, Taylor started spreading rumors about Brandi that aren't even true. She started by telling Kim Richards (who actually makes sense now!) how Yolanda Foster told her that Brandi said that she'd slept with every man in town. Brandi said no such thing; it was a joke she made referring to the fact that the town is so small that everyone knows everyone. Talk about taking something out of context.

But one by one Taylor called the ladies over to relay the same bit of gossip to them, giggling the whole time and basking in the little bit of spotlight she managed to snatch. She was so smug and happy to bash Brandi. To say it was high schoolish probably gives her too much credit.

Meanwhile, Adrienne and Lisa Vanderpump still haven't spoken. Lisa didn't acknowledge the flowers, and she managed to avoid her at Portia's birthday party by cutting out early -- which was a statement in and of itself. When Kyle Richards offered to throw a dinner so they could work things out, Lisa refused saying she was too busy for such drama. The problem is the more time that passes, the bigger the problems are going to grow until they explode. Dinner at Yolanda's next week should be interesting for sure. 

Do you think Brandi and Taylor will work things out? What about Lisa and Adrienne?


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nonmember avatar Sandi D.

I find Taylor a non-entity..Brandi only said to her what a lot of folks were thinking,but too afraid to say.I found itodd that she wrote a book smearing her husband so soon after his death or at all.I don't believe herstory either.As far as Adrianne is cocerned,I found it very urtful and low what she said about Lisa at the reunion.I feel she did it because of a joke about some darn shoe comment? Friends don't do this type of thing.If she has lost her friendship it's her own fault.Flowers won't solve it.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Yolanda seems to be interested in the drama since she felt the need to repeat what Brandi had said. But next week should be interesting to say the least, We will see how Yolanda handles a RUDE Taylor at her dinner party. But has far as Kyle is concerned I wouldn't but a lot of trust in anything she says

Pat Kersteter

Taylor is a big mouthed gossip.

ms.bu... ms.bubbles

Why is it that RHOA is not on CM? I would've love to comment on the Atlanta housewives as well....SMH!

Nan Ferryman Mitch

Lisa has every reason to be upset with Adrienne..she accused her of selling a story. As for Taylor, she needs therapy. Brandi is an acquired taste, but the gossip was wrong...geesh!!

Snark... Snarkymom

Didn't Taylor's "Walk a Mile" fundraiser remind you of one that was done YEARS ago on RHOA?  Nene had a "Heal the Soul" fundraiser where everyone raced in high heels to raise awareness for domestic violence. As usual, Taylor shows her bootleg ways.

Karma Grant

High heel races are nothing new and certainly werent started by any RH franchise. Can't stand Taylor, love Brandi and Lisa. Adrienne use to be a favorite until she started making false accusations against Paul instead of keeping their family drama to themselves like mature adults.

lovec... lovechild419

brandi is fun & keeps it real with her raw honesty.She is not a phony in any way shape or form,which some people probably find hard to take.Gonna take this op to spread the word about what today is-It's World Kindness day.I have a worlwide Pay it forward daily event on facebook,and out of all the celebs I asked to spread the word a fewmonths ago,Brandi and Robin Roberts were the only ones who had heart enough to take a moment to spread the word.She is beautiful inside n out,Taylor is missing out on a potential really true blue friend.Gossip & cattiness is ugly,choose to be beautiful Taylor(like Brandi:)

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