Kristen Stewart's '50 Shades' Comment Shows She's Gotta Lighten Up -- 'The Daily Stir' (VIDEO)

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On today's Daily Stir, Hurricane Sandy survivor Stefanie is talking Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's breakup, Taylor Swift's inability to find love, and Kristen Stewart's prudish reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey. Watch:

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What do you think of the Bieber/Gomez split?

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Allison Farrens

No i'm not ashamed to read the fifty shades of grey books i loved all 3 of them and would read them again!!!

Kay7684 Kay7684

Yeesh, what is it with people who say we should be ashamed we read these books, or that we are morons because we enjoyed them. Get out of here already, we are all different, it's how the world turns.

nonmember avatar Ceci

I actually have to side with Kristen on that one, mostly because it's a sad excuse for literature and it's just plain crap: the writing, the messages it sends, everything.

Christie Anderson

I'm glad someone besides me hates it.  The writing was just as horrible as Twilight.  Plus, the unimaginative and repetitive of "lips pressed hard" "peered at him through my eyelashes" and "beautiful" made me cringe.  sticking out tongue

AnHpu... AnHpuresugar

50 Shades was crap writing but we are taking morality lessons from a woman that had an affair with a married man?  No thanks.  Just for the record, Kristen.  Twilight was crap writing too and the movies were pure camp cheesiness.


I love how people can bash away on stuff... Obviously, they have read it thoroughly, to have such an understanding though. I pick up a book. I read the first couple chapters. I put the book back and move on if I don't like it. Watch the first 20 minutes of a movie and move on. To waste so much time on something that brings you so much displeasure seems ridiculous. Or bogus.

nonmember avatar Frances

Wow I really got OFF on reading all 3 books several times, took them with me to dr.'s apponitments and vacation could'nt put them down, and to think Kristan said she wanted to play Anastisa with Rob as Christian LMAO I would love to pick the male and female parts I have 2 males in mind for Christian and so far 1 for the female

silen... silentlady

who likes this girl? why do people still listen to the drivel coming out of Stewart's mouth?

Morgan Nicole Johnson

it's so funny to read some of these comments. Y'all think that what 50 shades of grey stands for and its message are degrading and such, but I've read PLENTY of books that make women look WORSE. I personally think this book portrays a strong women coming into her sexuality. She is in complete control and gets pissed off when this guy freaks out over seemingly nothing. She doesn't listen, she is an independent woman. Now if you look at the book Bared To You. You have two fucked up people, and the heroin of the story is borderline abused by her "lover" and is "stalked" and "controlled", and unable to escape a unhealthy relationship. to me it gives women more of a bad name then 50. But hey i like that book too, so I guess i'm just a fucked up reader. >=]

tigge... tigger9280

Seriously, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I believe that the only reason people like Kristen Stewart say anything negative about the 50 series is because they would kill to have that kind of life. Meet a rich man, marry rich man, have mind blowing sex with rich man. If not, you haven't found the right man to bring out your inner freak. As far as Gomez and the Biebs, they will be fine. They are young. Its young love.Gomez is incredibly talented and beautiful. I am not even going to touch the T Swift drama she has created for herself. 

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