'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kim Zolciak Throws NeNe's Olive Branch Back in Her Face

NeNe LeakesOf course we knew the whole peace, love, women's empowerment sentiment brewing on RHOA was too good to be true. While it looked like there might be a flicker of hope for a reconciliation between NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak, tonight Kim pretty much torched any chance it was going to happen anytime soon and added some fuel to the fire to boot.

Kim said she almost fell on the floor when Phaedra told her that NeNe wanted to invite her to the big celebration of women event Cynthia Bailey was hosting in NeNe's honor. Kim said she didn't want to be an asshole, so she went ... then she proceeded to act pretty much like an asshole while she was there.

She wanted to leave the minute she got there and made it pretty clear that she wasn't happy to be there. A gracious guest she was not. Now NeNe was late, supposedly due to a wardrobe malfunction, but when Kim and NeNe finally met face-to-face as Kim and Sweetie were headed out the door, Kim could have figured out how to spare five minutes just for a show of good will if nothing else. Or she could have wished her well and stuck to her guns about leaving.

Instead she took the coward's way out and told NeNe she'd be right there. "Okay, just let me go tee tee," she told her. And then she bolted right out the door.

While Kim told NeNe she had to leave because Kroy had a meeting, she told the cameras the real story: "It's hot as f**k and I want out, I really don't have an awful lot to say to NeNe. I've never been so motivated to get the f**k out of somewhere in my entire life."

So yeah, I'm not thinking a reunion between the two of them is happening anytime soon, especially after NeNe finds out about Kim's exit from the party. Which is too bad as I find myself rooting for them to mend their friendship. They were a lot of fun together, but it's not looking good.

Meanwhile Kenya Moore continued to show her diva ways. The total freak-out she had after she found out that her man Walter had asked Kandi Burruss out previously was beyond ridiculous. Especially since it wasn't even because of the fact that she was jealous that he found her attractive; it was because Kandi turned him down. Suddenly Kenya seemed to be contemplating why Walter wasn't good enough for Kandi, and if she didn't want him, what was wrong with him. Poor Walter.

Then Kenya went and took the microphone to make a speech at Cynthia's event, and riled Cynthia up even more after the judging event she hijacked last week. Miss Kenya and her donkey booty definitely has some problems with boundaries, that's for sure, and previews for next week show she and the other new housewife, Porsha Stewart, having it out too. She certainly didn't waste any time jumping into the drama, and it doesn't look she's going to back away from it anytime soon either.

Do you think Kim was wrong to leave like she did? Do you think Kenya is totally crazy?


Image via Bravo

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I hate Kenya. She needs to calm down. Why is she so high and mighty anyway? She was named after a third world country lol

OKgirl OKgirl

Kim is awful. I used to like her but she is too full of herself now and she really has no reason to be, for goodness sake.

Judy Murphy

I think all the ladies are nuts but they keep me amused. There is no love loss between NeNe & Kim so Kim leaving is rude but really no biggie because if the tables were turned NeNe would probably do the same darn thing lol. I love all this donkey booty talk and this is coming from a 51 year old white woman whose friends call flat a**

Brenda Waynick

Life is too short to hold grudges; grudges only poison the one that holds them.  I love Nene; Kim seems fake to me and it would be in her best interest to be around a real person to help her.


Pinkmani Pinkmani

I'm gonna' buy that workout DVD from Phaedra because I'm a black woman without a booty at all. Kenya is two-faced. Was anyone else bothered by Nene's bra-free outfit?

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Damn it...I missed the show last night!

Gavin... GavinGrandma

I LOVE Kim, but she missed what did seem like a sincere opportunity from NeNe to move on.  Shame on you Kim!!  Kenya is just nasty!!  Walter needs to RUN from that one!!

Pj Perry

Can't blame Kim for refusing the olive branch...it probably had a poisonous viper hidden in it! Nene struck the first blow to their friendship, so she can deal with it.

Yep, Kenya is one crazy witch! She's so full of self-importance that she thinks her opinion on things is the only one that counts. She made a total ass of herself at the model audition. She was a GUEST there, but thought that she was the best judge in the world, and didn't mind at all  'shooting down' some of those poor young models. She needs to wear duct tape over her mouth permanently!!  Don't care if she was Miss USA..there are many more women out there with more beauty and much more class!


nonmember avatar Nia

Kim should have just said no, instead of lying. There was nothing wrong with her wanting to leave. She made the effort to attend, she was on time, and had been there for a while. Nene showed up late to her own event, then asked Kim to stay when she was on her way out.

T'Sehai Melly-Mel

Nee Nee is a phony and Kim should have left if she did not feel comfortable. Kenya is ugly inside which makes her ugly on the outside. I can't wait to see her fall flat on her face especially when her proposal never comes. That Walter better run for the hills from that crazy old ass washed up X-Miss USA...lol

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