Mick Jagger's Secret Love Letters Being Auctioned Off in Desperate Move by Ex-Flame

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Mick JaggerI suppose they're hers to do with as she chooses, but I find the whole move by Mick Jagger's ex, Marsha Hunt, to auction off his love letters to her rather sad. That's just what's happening next month in London, however.

According to The Guardian, the series of 10 letters sent in 1969 to Hunt will be on the auction block December 12. Jagger hand wrote them while he was filming the movie Ned Kelly in Australia. They reportedly reveal intimate details about the singer who muses in them about things like Emily Dickinson poems and his relationship with Marianne Faithful, whom he was also dating at the time. Sotheby's estimates they could go for as much as $159,000.

They do sound interesting, but also intimate and not like something that should go to the highest bidder. The reason Hunt is auctioning them now is pretty sad too.

She told the paper:

I'm broke. Anyone who has the impression that I have money knows nothing about me. I had friends who came to visit from Pennsylvania and there was no electricity in the house because the bill had been too high, I was kind of grooving it with a wood burning stove. One friend said, 'surely you've got something you could sell?'

So the letters she decided to sell.

Hunt dated Jagger in the late '60s and is the mother of his first child. She's also said to have been the inspiration for the Rolling Stones hit song "Brown Sugar". I guess I'd like to think that all of that would make her want to hang onto the letters. I suppose sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, but it still seems pretty low. If he had passed away that would be one thing, but to put them out there -- reportedly without his consent -- seems like such a betrayal even if they have no relationship now.

I have some hope that Jagger will see this move and just step into help her, or at least buy the letters himself. It just seems wrong to have something one wrote so intimately to another used to pay the electric bill. 

What do you think of Hunt's move to sell Mick Jagger's love letters? Would you sell an ex's love letters for money?

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nonmember avatar Tat

If it were between electricity and some old letters, I'd have to choose electricity.

nonmember avatar Ld

With a net worth of $305 million I think mick jagger can take care of this problem, if he wants to keep them private! I too think electricity would be a higher priority in this case.

nonmember avatar flood1971

Guess you've never gone without. Nostalgia is nice til you go hungry. Or without heat.

tuffy... tuffymama

Practicality wins over nostalgia. So long as they betray nothing like medical conditions or hideous abuse he might have suffered, I say sell the bitches and pay some bills. And maybe she should then get a job and learn how to manage money, because I can't imagine she has an endless supply of these things.


I think she may be a little long in the tooth to start the job hunt again.I know people work later in life,but to start again at 66 might be pushing it.

lasombrs lasombrs

I have had to sell the very few memories and nice items I had left after my mother died. Did they bring thousands? No. But they kept my heat and lights on or fed my kids in a time of need. Do I wish I still had them? Sure. But I think my mother would rather I properly care for my children then keep her stuff. I can still honor her memory other ways.

Unless these letters give out information like addresses or phone numbers still in use, a social security number for who knows what reason. Signs of abuse, mental illness, disability or medical conditions etc who cares? He writes his feelings in his songs, letters shouldn't be so offensive.

Hopefully things go well for her!

Christa Tiessen

Is this an American woman? Isn't she elligible for all sorts of free stuff from our tax dollars?

nonmember avatar Angie

I think Marsha Hunt did the very right thing in selling those love letters from Jagger considering what she went through with him. He can't always get what he wants and she can. Would you rather died of cold? Get real! Well done Marsha! You deserve it!!

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