Anne Hathaway on 'Saturday Night Live': Her 5 Funniest Sketches (VIDEO)


anne hathaway snlAnne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time last night and I can see why they keep asking her back. She throws herself into every sketch with those long Gumby limbs and almost cartoonishly expressive face of hers. And I mean both as a compliment. Anne Hathaway on SNL makes me wish she did more comedy -- she's a natural.

She didn't always have the best material to work with. Overall this was not a brilliant episode. But she turned everything they gave her into gold. Here are my favorite Anne Hathaway sketches from last night.

Homeland. I don't even watch Homeland, but I thought this was hilarious. The ugly cry, the cork boards, Agent Brody's small mouth -- all so funny. Anne's hysterical Carrie Mathison/Claire Danes was... hysterical.

The Legend of Mokiki. This was the rolling-on-the-floor moment of the show. I don't even know why this was so funny, but it was. Anne is really game about letting Mokiki spew green slime in her face and then doing the Sloppy Swish with him. And now you have the Sloppy Swish stuck in your head, right?

Girlfriends. Okay, I've heard some criticism that this sketch wasn't funny, and I guess you'd just have to be a girl to appreciate it. Anne was spot-on as the super-cool new best friend, but I thought Aidy Bryant was the real star. 

Ellen. Most of this sketch was "meh," but Anne's take on Katie Holmes was heee-lars. Her Katie side smile bit was especially wicked. NBC doesn't have a video up of it yet.

American Gothic. This sketch starts out slow but is worth hanging in there. In case you lost patience with it and did the Sloppy Swish to the kitchen for more ice cream here it is below. Anne's lizard pose and her crossed eyes (she's so consistent with that!) are brilliant. 

What were your favorite sketches from last night?


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Texas... TexasGirl512

You do know Anne Hathaway is making fun of Claire Dane's character who has Bipolar Disorder, Right? Would you think it was equally funny had Anne mocked Autism or Downs Syndrome? Viewers would be in an uproar if they did, but because society is still so ignorant about bipolar disorder it’s okay to make fun of it. I'm Bipolar and struggle with every symptom Anne Hathaway mocked in her skit.

tuffy... tuffymama

I haven't found SNL relevant in YEARS. Probably since I grew the fuck up and stopped voting Dimocrap. Hmmm. Funny how that works.

tuffy... tuffymama

Oh, and ^^bipolar is NOT funny.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

I haven't seen Homeland but if that is an accurate parody it seems Claire Danes character development stopped at my so called life.

Megan Lee

hahahahhaha SO Much butthurt ^

nonmember avatar kay

That Mokiki thing made me cry when I watched it on DVR last night. I've been singing that under my breath all day and giggling.

nonmember avatar Uriah

I thought Anne Hathaway was a great host the other night. I would have to say that my favorite skit that she was in was Girlfriends Talk Show. I was working late at DISH the other night, so I was unable to see it when it aired. A while ago, I set up my Hopper from DISH to automatically record the show so I could watch it when I want. Its nice being able to have the entire season on my DVR with more than enough recording space left. I hope Anne hosts again in the future and I am looking forward to Jeremy Renner hosting this weekend!

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