Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston May Be at War Over Whose Wedding George Clooney Can Attend

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george clooneyYa gotta love A-listers. The media likes to play it like they're so important, so rich, so famous, so fancy, soooo above us ... when really, they can be just as silly and immature and nutty and petulant as anyone else. Maybe even MORE so! At least, that's the only conclusion I can draw from the latest gossip floating around about Brangelina and Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's respective, upcoming "I do"s ...

According to Star magazine (I know, I know), both couples are having some kind of childish fit over whose wedding George Clooney can attend. Star says, "Both betrothed couples are trying to persuade George to attend their wedding — and not the other’s!” How craaaaaaay cray is that?!

They go onto say that Jen and Brad are "fighting over George like children. If George had his way, he'd skip both! The truth is, he doesn't even believe in the institution of marriage, and he finds the ceremonies terribly boring." Oh geeeeze.

Okay, so I'm definitely (alright 99.9 percent) not buying this report. But even if there was that .1 percent chance that it's true -- or that there are any hard feelings about George attending one couple's wedding and not the other's, all I've gotta say is -- what the hell?! If Camp Brangelina and Camp Justifer are really behaving even remotely in the way that Star describes, they don't sound capable of maintaining real adult friendships -- let alone marriages!

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Not to mention that it's hard enough to plan a wedding and having to settle on a final guest list -- making sure you're inviting not only the people you and your groom want there, but also the people who everyone else with an opinion wants there. Then, ontop of that, having to worry about everything from whether or not cousin Gertrude is going to still be feuding with your mother or your parents' best friend Willard is going to cause a scene when he gets smashed or which guests are gonna make an issue of spending X a night on the hotel where you booked a room block, etc., etc.!

In other words, there's enough to worry about without concerning yourself with other weddings your guests might be attending. That's just ludicrous! And a sign these A-list couples might need to chill out and refocus on what's really important, eh? Like who's gonna get more moolah for their wedding pics!

Which wedding would you rather attend if you had to choose? What did you worry about in regards to your wedding that you wish you hadn't?

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linzemae linzemae

Are you joking me? Why can't we just leave them alone. They have been divorced for a long time!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

This is dumb.  I'm sure the two couples are not having their weddings on the same day.  He can attend both weddings if he wants to.  These rags make $$$ by blowing up tiny possible little bits of drama into major feuds.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

This was funny. Justifer? Nooooo! Who is saving time merging these celebs names? Come on dude.

nonmember avatar toledobob

Clooney acted with Pitt in the Oceans movies - seems a no brainer

Stella Eisenmenger

Jennifer Aniston is using Justin Theroux to ruin Angelina and Brads Wedding. Dang it she is so jelous of there life. Brad just marry Angelina and get on with the rest of your lifes. Those kid are the most important people you both need.
Angelina and Brad are of one now with there kids. Your not part of Brads life no more, And as far as Brads Mother And Father goes they should be done with you to... Jennifer you did not have any kids, NO TIES. to keep you in there lifes,
All of you don't give a crap about those kids. If Grandpa and Grandma did they would say sorry he has a family now we have to stand with them sorry not you in our lifes anymore, I'm a real Grandmother and I did it for the best for all around, NOT THE MEDIA.
Jennifer Aniston I have your number I knew women like you. Nothing good will come of this child like crap you are doing, GROW UP.... Get on with Justin and your life stop hurting those kids. GROW THE HELL UP.
Angelina and Brad are of one now with there kids.

Tina Oliver

AND~ I heard they go to the bathroom sometimes.. just like us 0.0 um, it was from another gossip site, and its prolly not true 0.o

nonmember avatar Get Real

The Star, as usual, is full of snot. Pitt has already said that Clooney wouldn't be at his wedding to Angie because Clooney doesn't believe in the institution of marriage. In the current People magazine he says whevever they get married it's just going to be family. On the other hand, Clooney really isn't that close to Aniston at all, so attending her wedding isn't exactly going to be on his radar. Since Pitt dumped Aniston, Clooney has been seen being civil to her exactly 3 times and the tabs always turn it into Clooney & Aniston are BFFs. No, they're not. Clooney if friendly with Aniston like you're friendly with someone you went to school with 20 years ago when you run into them. Would Aniston invite Clooney to her wedding in the hopes that he'd attend and word would get back to Pitt? Sure thing. The odds of Clooney actually attending though are right up there with the return of dinosaurs and Aniston having a $100 million hit under her own steam. A betting man wouldn't take either of those bets.

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