'Bachelor' Producers 'Brainwashed' Courtney Robertson & Now We Know the Show Is Fake

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Courtney Robertson Ben FlajnikRemember how everyone kept scratching their heads and yelling at the TV during Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor because no one could understand why he couldn't see the same side of "evil" Courtney Robertson that the other women on the show were seeing?

It was almost like Ben had been put under some sort of spell, which put him into some sort of trance, but now it looks as though he may have not been the one who was fooled into falling in love.

Courtney now says she felt "brainwashed" on The Bachelor, and basically thinks producers "duped" her into falling for Ben.

And you gotta admit, the whole brainwashing thing definitely makes sense out of why she would be drawn to someone with a haircut as awful as his. (Yes, I'm bringing up the mop-head again. I just can't let it go.)

She talked about one moment on the show in particular, where Ben brought her popcorn in Switzerland, which is her snack of choice, and she thought he was being all over-the-top romantic and sweet -- but as it turns out, the producers of The Bachelor were the ones who put the popcorn in his hands. (Or at least it sounds like she's alluding to that.)

If Courtney's claims about being tricked into falling for Ben by producers are true, now we have more evidence that (wait for it) the show may be totally fake. (OMG. You're KIDDING me!)

Think about it -- if these couples were really falling in love with each other for all the right reasons, then don't you think at least a few of them would actually be happily married with babies and a dog and a house with a white picket fence and all that good stuff?

If Bachelor and Bachelorette romances are being influenced by producers over the course of filming the show, then it makes 100 percent sense that most of them wind up figuring out they're all wrong for each other and parting ways shortly after their engagement is announced.

But honestly, who really cares whether the shows are fake or not? I sure as hell don't, and knowing producers are working overtime behind the scenes to make my reality guilty pleasure even more enjoyable each week only makes me want to tune in more.

Do you believe that Courtney was misled into falling for Ben? And do you think the show is mostly fake?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Lauren Hughes

I believe that the producers are helping these people and telling them what to do. I mean come on its not like a guy is thinking omg her fav food is popcorn ill get her that. no guys are clueless and dont think about that kind of stuff until people are like do this. you have to tell guys what you want. I do think when you go on that show you want to win so you make yourself like that person and i think that is exactly what happened. but ended up thinking she was falling in love with the person but i think she fell in love with the idea and didnt really love ben but just the idea.

Heather R Christensen

First I want to say, If you didn't care, you wouldn't have wrote an article on it. And I do believe that the producers of this show add extra's to it only to keep the show fun. But I will say, Jason And Molly, Married and baby on the way, Trista and Ryan, Married and 2 kids! Nothing fake about those couples. Part of the problem, they pick these nasty girls with tons of problems.

CAP1015 CAP1015

The problem is people try to make this insane process with mentally challenged people into something "normal".  This may be something acceptable in other cultures, but here it is pure insanity to think that a man/women would join a group of 30 other people to be "auditioned" to be in the finals.  That's screwed up from the get go.  So when crazy behaviour happens, it's understandable that it is a result of crazy people.  You have two kinds of people who sign up to participate, the Bat shit crazy (70-80%) and the others looking for some fame.  They should consider changing the name of this show to "pimps and ho's"

puasa... puasaurusrex

Really? It's so hard to believe a guy would bring a girl he likes a treat when she least expects it? My husband has always brought me treats, back when we were friends, dating through our marriage. He can't go to the store without bringing me back one of my favorite snacks. Of course this show IS fake (duh), but that doesn't mean the popcorn thing is the dead giveaway.

Kathay Palmer

I think Courtney is fake no matter what the show would be.  She's a piece of work and the media needs to STOP giving her any mention.  She's NOTHING!


nonmember avatar lynn brewster

OMG!!! FAKE??? REALLY?????

Jeanni Ritchie Thrasher

I think 99% of the contestants today go on the show for all the wrong reasons. The last two that I believe were really looking for love (or found it despite themselves) were Jason and Molly. I was shaking my head too when Molly kept saying "I don't understand." Producers make good tv and they made Melissa Rycroft into a jilted star, which she wanted more than Jason anyway. I rarely watch anymore because it's not fun. If I want to see a bunch of fake, conniving back-stabbers, I'll just go to work.

Cheri Lee Burge

There are 3 happily married couples - one of which has produced 2 kids and one who is currently pregnant - several other couples dated for almost 5 years - parts of any show on TV are for ratings but I think people have a legitimate chance of falling in love on this one!!!

Judy Arno

I like Courtney. I think she was one of the few who wasn't totally fake. She is adorable,fun,bold and not boring. Go Courtney! I wish you all the best.

Lillian Peloquin Seyer

I think the Producers manipulate the Bachelors/Bachelorettes into keeping the controversial potentials....for ratings....YES I do beleive it's FAKE!

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