'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike Is a Sneaky Dickens Sober or Not

Mike SorrentinoNot that anyone thought it would last anyway, but tonight on Jersey Shore, it was clear that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and his girlfriend Paula aren't going to last long. Yes, he just wifed her up, but just as quickly he's ready to toss her aside. He simply can't handle the girlfriend situation.

And that's fine, but if that's case, he needs to let her go instead of stringing Paula along while he cruises the clubs and complains about her to anyone who will listen. While at a club with all of the roommates, he was grinding on girls, letting them suck on his fingers, and generally acting like he was single. "I can’t drink, so I go out and see who wants to f*ck me," he said.

To his credit, he didn't take anyone home, but that doesn't mean he didn't cross the line.

Ron dubbed him a "sneaky dickens," and he's all that and an ass to boot. Any hopes that sobriety would make him a nicer guy have been squashed.

Suddenly he can't stand a word out of Paula's mouth. To a degree I understand him being turned off by her trashy talk in front of all of his roommates, but the way he called her out for it was so demeaning and rude. "When you sit there and smile, it's all good."

If I were her I would have taken my ass pads and left his sorry ass then and there. But for some reason she seems to like him ... or at least like being on the show. I'm not 100 percent clear which. She certainly seems to be soaking up the attention with her sex demonstrations and belly shirts, but she also seems fun. If he was smart he'd treat her well and give the relationship a fair chance. But that's a pretty big if.

All of that drama aside, how about that old lady doing headstands on the dance floor?! That was some serious crazy stuff. Go grandma!

Do you want to see Mike and Paula stay together?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Ann

I think he needs to give her a chance probably talk things out with her because she's right for him and takes his shit and him being an ass and all. I just think if my bf said all that shit to me I leave him right there because that fucked up to hear, do I hope they last

Tashinha Tashinha

i want to see Paula with a BETTER man. Mike doesnt deserve her, hes a scum bag. She deserves better, and she's too pretty for him.  i feel bad for the girl, i really do. she must not know all the trash talking hes done, up until the the show aired. hes making her look stupid.

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