'Glee' Recap: What's With the New Finn?

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Glee Marley UniqueWe have good news and better news. Glee has returned to Thursday nights. Plus, you know that Grease episode we heard rumors about earlier this fall? Turns out we'll be getting multiple tastes of Glease lightning ... and plenty of Sue-style scandal to go with it. And while we're heaping on the good news, Finn is back to stay, and he's been joined by mini Finn, aka The Glee Project winner Blake Jenner!

Looks like the end of Finchel just made room for a new version of everybody's favorite couple. So what all went down?

Basically Finn was coerced into coming back to McKinley by Artie who asked him to co-direct the school musical which is -- you guessed it -- Grease. And what's Grease with Danny Zuko?

Enter Jenner, who's been perfectly cast as the Bieber-esque Ryder, who is following in Finn's footsteps as the football player turned musical star. Or as I like to call him, Mini Finn.

Naturally he's already got his eye on Marley. You know, the girl who was dubbed the new Rachel earlier this season? You get where all this is going. She's been cast as ... wait for it ... Sandy.

In the words of the one and only Patty Simcox, "Isn't the most? Not to say the least?"

I have liked Marley, the sweeter, less self-involved girl who's filling the hole the real Rachel left behind. And Blake Jenner showed some decent acting chops during The Glee Project. I'd like to see these two crazy kids stick around for awhile. But I can't help worrying that the writers might be setting us up here. Do we really need another power couple stealing the spotlight from all the quirky characters who bring us to Glee in the first place?

There were some pretty amazing storylines tonight. Finn decided to go with his gut and cast transgender character Unique as the female Rizzo. Sue Sylvester showed some real depth in her protest against the move, warning him not to put Unique in danger of being attacked by narrow-minded folks simply because he wanted to prove a point. Then there was Finn using the r-word in reference to Sue's baby (who we haven't seen much of, by the way). And Emma finally standing up for herself to Mr. Schue!

I'd hate to see all of that get lost in a bid to have us fall in love with another wholesome all-American couple. This is supposed to be a show about uniqueness!

Then again, mini Finn and Marley are adorable. And they can sing!  And we're guaranteed more summer lovin' with a whole entire episode devoted to the musical! I'm willing to see how this plays out; especially if the real Finn is sticking around to take over the Glee Club!

What do you think of Mini Finn and Marley? What was your favorite storyline tonight?


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Rebecca Roberts Duncan

We saw baby Robyn in the first five minutes of the season premier

tuffy... tuffymama

I was gonna say... That's how we knew the baby was a Downs baby. Right?

The show was lukewarm tonight. I hope it gets better. I also hope that ugly cheerleader is to going to be all over the show. She needs some bangs or something.

tuffy... tuffymama

*isnt going to be all over the show. I have stitches in my thumb!

Stephanie Strain

This was first episode where the newbies had any "spark". Loved the Marley/Unique attitude and Finn standing up and going with it. Surprised he slipped on the "r" word, considering the talk Burt & Finn had when Finn objected to Kurt's fashionista decorating job.
I miss Kurt & Rachel! (but am glad Mike/Mercedes are back) Re the "It couple": Tired of the WASP power couple stuff.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I really loved this episode, but I also hope that the writers don’t just settle for new versions of old characters. I am also interested to see if there is any fall out like Sue predicted from Finn casting Unique. After discussing the issue with a coworker at DISH, we think that the town will surprise everyone, and accept her for who she is. I really hope to see this happen and I am actually excited to see where these new character’s stories lead. I am glad that I won’t miss out on anything with my Hopper from DISH. With my busy schedule, the 2,000 hours of recording space have been a life saver. I love coming home after a long day and find my favorite shows waiting on my DVR. I am so excited to see the New Directions perform more music from Grease this week. Though it is sad to not see the older characters taking on the musical, I think these newbie’s will do an outstanding job and prove their place in the club.

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