Kim Zolciak's Ex Big Poppa Arrested & We Finally Get to See What He Looks Like! (PHOTO)

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big poppaOne of the best quotes to come out of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was during the reunion, a few years back, when NeNe Leakes told Kim Zolciak to "close your legs to married men." NeNe was, of course, talking about Kim's relationship with a very mysterious sugar daddy she called Big Poppa, who was reportedly married yet supporting, and sleeping with, Kim on the side. Big Poppa was an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in silk linens and a Bentley, but now, m'fellow RHOA fans, HE'S REVEALED HIMSELF.

Well, OK. He's not so much revealed himself as he's been arrested and now his mugshot is public domain, but STILL. There he is! There's big ole Big Poppa.

Kim and Lee split up after season two and, if you can recall, Kim then started dating a woman who was a DJ. Yeah. Remember Kim's lesbian phase? It seems like so long ago, especially now that she's got two young boys, is married to an NFLer, and seems to be living a relatively normal life.

Ah, I kind of miss the good old days when Kim sipped Chardonnay in her car and crooned on the phone to Big Poppa about how she needed x, y, and z to make her happy.

Now, the only crazy thing she does is tell racist jokes. Womp womp.

In case you were wondering, Lee was arrested for failing to appear in court after he didn't fix a storm water system in one of his homes. He's already been charged $75,000 for his neglect -- I guess arresting him was the only option authorities were left.

Big Poppa be tardy for the paying for your storm water system party. I think Kim just found herself a new verse for her song.

Are you surprised to see Big Poppa?


Photo via Fulton County Court

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Donna L. Barksdale

Well I must say...Kim has good taste in Men...Lee is nice looking and Kroy is a doll.... I love Kroys laugh....I am anxious to see their new baby boy.....Anyone know where there is a picture of him?   KJ is an absolute darling baby....He also has a great laugh..... Good Going Kim.... 

ashle... ashleybgarcia

How do you know its big poppa?

nonmember avatar Amanda

I saw him years ago. I literally googled "who is big poppa" and it popped right up, which I thought was hilarious.

Michelle Garcia Kosa

I thought for some reason he was a big blonde burly guy oh well to each is own!

Kay Wiermaa

Hey, 'Journalist' Lindsey Mannering - Big Poppa pictures are all over GOOGLE Images, in case you need a 'reporting source'.  Just sayin'

Kellie Murray

How did you not know what he looked like?  I mean it was revealed a long long time ago.  No news here other than him being arrested....and on that....who cares lol.

Miche... MichelleK41

I think he looks creepy. Not impressed at all. Hopefully things keep going well with Kroy.

nonmember avatar Patti

Finally!! Looks nothin like I expected..I was expecting an older guy but o well, Kim has a keeper with Kroy!!

Antoinette Lopez Wyer

OMG! I can't believe she would go for someone like that! He's old & ugly. Ugh.... So glad she found Kory. He's just right for her & her for him.

JeaneMarie Newton-Hall

It's funny I was watching RHO Miami the other night and Thomas Kramer was having a dinner party at his house co-hosted with Karent. He is the same guy that hosted the girls from Atlanta for Kim at his house a year or so ago. Too funny how small the world is.

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