'Teen Mom' Star Looks Ready to Play Christian in '50 Shades of Grey' Movie

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tyler baltierra fifty shades of greyJust when you thought the buzz about who will play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey movie had died down, a new name is being thrown around as a hot contender: Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra, aka Catelynn Lowell's fiance! Random, right?!

Well, as you may have heard, Tyler recently moved to New Orleans to begin pursuing his acting career, and he recently tweeted a photo of himself in a suave-lookin' gray suit, noting, "#50ShadesofGray Christian Gray [sp]." Which, of course, immediately sent tongues wagging about his impression of E.L. James' BDSM-lovin' billionaire. I'll give him one thing: He certainly cleans up well and comes off as seriously self-assured. But could he really be a contender for the Fifty Shades film?

Nooooo way!!!

Come on, let's be real. It's not that his MTV reality star status -- or even his young age (he's almost 21) -- hurts him from being in the running. He could even get the right hair (copper) and (gray) eyes with a little help from the makeup department. And he is known for being sexy, angsty, and a great kisser.

However -- the producers and director are definitely going to want someone who is a bit more seasoned an actor than Tyler is. Someone who is relatively new to the mainstream movie industry is one thing ... Maybe a guy who has done theater or bit parts (like one of my faves, Oliver Jackson-Cohen!) would work. But Tyler is still a baaaaaby -- at least where his acting resume is concerned. He's got quite a ways to go before he'll nab a role like Universal Pictures' Christian Grey.

But that's all right. The kid has time to grow his career. And the fact that he's raising more than a few eyebrows with his slick Twitpic is certainly a step in the right direction.

What do you think about Tyler Baltierra as a potential Christian?

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nonmember avatar Ashlee

Um why would they want him to play the part of a sexy older man? It would ruin the movie lol

Katherine Armstrong

Umm I WILL NOT watch the movie if he is Christian. I do not support teen mom show at all nor will I promote anything with the cast if teen mom!!!! Gross

Amelia Moore

he is too immature and young to play Christian Grey the book portrays this mature successful beautiful man not a kid

Dana Brooks

ummm, no. He is not authorized!

Amanda Evans


Karen Parodi-Van Lenten

um...really, I totally don't think so. He's tooooo young, tooooooo immature and he wouldn't even begin to know where to start....just my opinion!!! And he's nooooo wheres near Christian Grey...


nonmember avatar Stacey

Um - no. Nuff said.

nonmember avatar Georgejinna C


Dana Anne Massa

No frickin way! He is no Christian Grey...EW!

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