6 Celebrity Moms Who Were Arrested for Being Bad (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Nov 12, 2012 Celebrities
6 Celebrity Moms Who Were Arrested for Being Bad (PHOTOS)

Heather LocklearCelebrity moms may have access to a lot more luxuries than most of us regular moms do, but that doesn't mean they are exempt from getting into any sort of trouble. Actually, it almost seems like being famous lends itself to running into issues with the law -- or at least it has for more than a few high profile mamas.

Getting arrested is embarrassing no matter who you are, but when you're a celeb mom and your mug shot gets posted all over the Internet, things take yet another humiliating turn. Remember this picture of Heather Locklear? Who can forget the time she was busted for a DUI?

She'll definitely never live that one down, especially with all that mascara running down her face.

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In addition to Heather, here are 5 other famous moms who wound up in "time-out" when they least expected it.

Why do you think so many famous moms get themselves into trouble?


Image via Santa Barbara Police

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