Joe Biden on 'Parks & Recreation' Is the Hottest Cameo of the Season (VIDEO)

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Parks and Recreation fans are getting a special treat in next week's episode, straight off an Amtrak train. Yup, Vice President Joe Biden will have a cameo on the show. It's just a quickie. I mean! It's just a brief appearance. Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) arranges for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) to meet Biden as an engagement present. Aww, does Ben know his woman or what?

Leslie Knope has mentioned her deep and abiding crush on the VP a few times on the show. Once she said her ideal man would have "the brains of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden." Another time she said, "Joe Biden is on my celebrity sex list -- well, he is my celebrity sex list." Mmm, indeed. There's just something about Joe some of us nerdy ladies find irresistible.

He's got some of that Clintonian silver fox appeal -- but untarnished from scandal. (I can't imagine that he would ever stray on Jill.) And he just always seems confident and relaxed. Well, maybe sometimes a little too relaxed. But he's not afraid to show he has a robust sense of humor, and that's a huge part of his appeal.

Apparently the feeling is mutual! No, I mean, Biden likes Parks and Rec, too. He's watched it with his family, his staff loves the show, and President Obama likes watching the show with his family, too. Of course! Because it's a show that gives a human face to government -- even with that cranky libertarian, Ron Swanson. (Who is on MY celeb sex list, but only if he barbecues a brisket for me first.)

Yeah, it's a little silly for the VP to show up in a comedy. But you know what? We could use a little silliness after all that election season seriousness! Anyway, the big Knope-Biden summit happens on November 15.

Is there a politician you'd like to see make a cameo on your favorite TV show?


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mustb... mustbeGRACE


                                                                  throwing up

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Can't wait! Should be a great episode.

nonmember avatar AnneP

‘Please and thank you,’ for this review; I am so excited for this episode. I was talking about the Joe Biden appearance with my co-worker from DISH. She actually was the one who turned me on to this show, and now I am completely addicted. I missed the last episode, but it is on Prime Time Anytime through my DISH Hopper. This feature records my favorite shows from the big four networks, and with the AutoHop feature I don’t have to manually fast forward through commercials. Leslie Knope has my vote for 2024:-).

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