Taylor Lautner’s Wax Figure Should Have Sexy, Rippling, Waxy Abs

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taylor lautnerEven though NYC has been battered by Sandy and this freezing bitch of a nor'easter, there's still a reason to love this great city ... a part wolf, part man, all hunk of a reason, that is. Taylor Lautner, everyone's favorite third-string Twilight star, is getting his very own wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds in Times Square.

Taylor will become the second Twilight heartthrob at the museum and will join Robert Pattinson's waxy replica, which was unveiled just about a week ago. For all you keeping score at home, there's no Kristen Stewart wax figure yet in NYC. She was made of ice for the London Madame Tussauds exhibit, but hasn't yet been immortalized in a nonglycerine substance. RPattz 1, Taylor 1, KStew O.

Let's hear it for Team Jacob, huh? Second place never felt so good.

It took four months to create Taylor, and artists used a clay mold of Taylor's head that was later cast with wax. It took the sculptors four months to complete the werewolf and their hard work will be unveiled on November 15.

taylor lautner

While there have been reports that Taylor will not, in fact, be displayed shirtless, I have to assume that it was a supply issue over a demand one. I mean, they probably couldn't source enough wax to create those huge, rippling abs of his, right?

Even though we all wanted to see Taylor memorialized topless, I suppose we'll just have to use our imaginations, or x-ray vision, to see those strong, waxy, abdominal muscles glistening in the perfectly titled museum spotlight.

Love wax? Love Taylor? Discuss.


Photos via ancietus1/Flickr; courtesy Merlin Studios

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Valda... ValdaThomas

Remminds me of the article where they screwed up on Robert Pattinson's wax statue. This one looks like Taylor so far. :)

Monique Wiltz

Taylor Lautner is beautiful inside and out, so happy he has another wax figure, even if it isn't shirtless.

Lindsay Mannering, enough with the third string and second place comments, Taylor is likely half your age and twice as talented.

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