Robert Pattinson's Interest in '50 Shades of Grey' Started a Long Time Ago


Robert PattinsonWell, well, well -- it looks like he definitely has an interest in all things kinky, because Robert Pattinson admits he read Fifty Shades of Grey (or at least what turned into Fifty Shades of Grey) quite some time ago. (Ooh-la-la!)

On MTV's The Yes/No Show, Rob wasn't shy about going ahead and putting it out there that he's just as interested in the erotic fiction craze that's sweeping the nation as the rest of us.

He simply said, "Yeah, I read a little bit of the Fifty Shades of Grey one before it was Fifty Shades of Grey." Yes, he's referring to Masters of the Universe -- the series of erotic fan fiction inspired by Twilight that E.L. James published online between 2009 and 2011.

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So basically, he read Fifty Shades before it was known as Fifty Shades -- so he read it fully knowing that it was a blatant steamy spin-off of Edward and Bella's vampire/human love story.

Don't you think that had to be a little bit weird for him to read someone else's fantasies about bedroom actions between him and his on- and off-screen love, Kristen Stewart? (Kinda creepy.)

And when asked whether or not he thinks E.L. James has a bit of a perverted side, he replied, "Oh, yes."

Hmm. I wonder what his tone was while speaking that phrase? Was it simply, "Oh, yes," or more of an "Ohhh, YES" type of answer?

(Either way, it's still hot that he's into Fifty.)

Are you surprised that Rob read what turned out to be the inspiration for Fifty Shades?


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EmmaL... EmmaLovesAlan

I was never into Twilight and I don't like 50 Shades either (I hate the way BDSM is portrayed in that book) but the idea of actors and actresses reading the erotic stories we fanfiction writers write about them! I'm in the Harry Potter community, and the thought of the delicious Alan Rickman or the sensational Emma Watson (and of course the seductive Jason Isaacs!) getting off on Snanger*/Lumione* fanfiction.. That makes me ecstatic!

*Snanger= (Severus) Snape and (Hermione) Granger
*Lumione= Lucius (Malfoy) and Hermione (Granger)

Kay7684 Kay7684

I ready the books and enjoyed them. 50 Shades that is, I have read better, and I have read worse. I couldnt get into Twilight and the rest, for whatever reason.  I probably wont watch the movie till it comes to the TV, but if its not how i visioned it will just get turned off. Simple, I dont like Kirsten, to me she comes across as half baked. Robert I am not sure about, he was different in Harry Potter, so who knows he may or may not carry off Christian. Time will tell.

Sophie Kirsch

i don't really think, that he would be the perfect Christian. I would choose Ian Somerhalder. He's the perfect Christian.

Jodi Cool

i could see Ian Somerhalder doing Christian or Alexander Skarsgård would be a good christian too.


nonmember avatar Whendelicious

Rpatz is obviously the perfect Christian. I couldn't get through the whole book, but I couldn't envision anyone else in the part.

Kitty Katz

I am a total TwiHard & liked you rockFifty shades of grey.. think RP would be great in the movie as any role he has had he does awesome!!! And he's beyond hot, anyone that thinks hes not just simply has bad taste !! Enough Said !

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