Adrienne Maloof's Brandi Glanville Bash Fest Has Completely Backfired

adrienne maloofWhen Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started, Adrienne Maloof was one of my favorites. She seemed to be a straight-shooting kind of gal, and she, Kyle, and Lisa were m'girls. Now? Not so much. As of last season -- and episode one of this season -- Kyle and Lisa are still in my good graces, but I'm on the fence with Adrienne. First off, there's all this crazy divorce drama going on with her and Paul Nassif, and second, who sends a gigantic diorama made of plants and flowers to a party they weren't invited to? That's not taking the high road, that's ulterior motives, friends.

So, when I heard that she said that Brandi Glanville is creating drama on RHOBH to "feel more relevant", I not only thought, "Well, that's not very nice," I thought, "Well, this is ironic, Adrienne."

Maloof recently told Haute Living: "Unfortunately, Brandi seems to really like drama, and she can be an instigator. I’m not always sure of her motivation, but being involved in some sort of drama must make her feel more relevant."

Not to get all technical here, but ... isn't Maloof herself creating drama -- and "feeling more relevant" -- by saying these things in this interview? Clearly, this is the sort of comment that's going to garner attention (see this blog post). If Adrienne simply talked about her favorite restaurants, and all the charity work she's doing, and, I don't know, how Beverly Hills needs to put a new stop light at the corner of Doheny and Third, it'd virtually go unnoticed. So it's a bit of a pot calling the kettle black situation. You can only look like you're taking the high road if you're actually taking the high road. I know, it sucks.

Elaborate floral arrangements and sanctimonious pontification aren't fooling anyone. Maloof, sorry, but ya burnt. Please try again.

Do you think Adrienne was taking the high road with that weird flower arrangement?


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Sue Jankowski

I think she meant it as a nice gesture. Why do people always think the worst when someone does something? Jeesh.

Kay Wiermaa

I love Adrienne Maloof - she seems like the only one (besides Kyle) on the RHOBH who isn't crazytown off her rocker!  Brandi is entertaining if not slightly disgusting and I'm pretty sure grabbing her 15 minutes to make it 30.  Gimme the Maloof name and the Palms baby.....I'd be good!

Sherrian Fuson Francis

I was impressed in the beginning by who Adrienne Maloof is.  The family & their name. But talk about rude & hateful to Paul. OMGosh. There just isn't any call for that. When i heard they were getting a divorce & people were surprised I thought why?

That fllower arrangement, if that is what you call it was rediculous. The arrangement on my husband's casket barely compared.

I think Lisa is everything you want in a "lady" and so glamorous. Kyle I could completely do without. Anyone who would "out" her sister like she did Kim is a total disgrace. And she is already starting the season off by being rude to her.. If she doesn't want to come to your daughter's birthday party shut up about it. Or address your arguments with her in private.

I loved it when Taylor said after losing Robert.  Didn't she mean after "killing" him.  She is a total disgrace to herself, her child & the show. I am shocked they have her back on.

I think they all have a surprise in store for them if they gang up on David Foster's wife. But they will. That is their style.

Linda Bearse Peruchet

Adore Lisa,her and her hubby crack me up they are so sweet,down to earth but classy as well, her and Brandi now so chummy is kinda cute, but Brandi's first words to Yolanda,wow what was she thinking, the girl has no filter!! I hate the whole Adrienne and Paul scenario, just sucks!! Paul always seemed so sweet and def not the wearer of pants in the family, Kyle and Kim are a sad mess, then big sister came on, that was kinda cool!! but they are get paid more the more drama they make, after watching jill from rhony on bravo, she broke it down how they make up crap, make up fights.etc!! makes me not want to watch the shows after that, nothing is genuine!!

dusti... dustinsmom1

I used to like Adrianne too, but not so much anymore. She seems to want to hold grudges, to be a part of the show. She needs to let crap go and be the bigger person.

Barbara Schuima

It was a dig to send that monstrosity. I used to like Adrienne but the end of last season and this season she is a trouble maker.I'm on Paul's side all the way. Her chef talked horribly about her friends and she does nothing but laugh. She has been itching for a fight and I think she'll finally get one. That nut Taylor trash talkes Brandi and now because Brandi and Lisa are friends she's starting with her too.

Kristina Paulina

The flower arrangement was absolutely ridiculous!! It was NOT a nice gesture, she absolutely did have ulterior motives!! She was one of my favorites in the beginning, now she's just stirring up drama. She accused Lisa of something she didn't do and now wants Lisa to forget about it and move on! Apparently Adrienne thinks she's the center of the universe!

nonmember avatar SeaBug

Adrienne has barely been on the show this season so I don't understand how she is accused of causing problems? Brandi is a total whack job and being used by Lisa to undermine Adrienne. Brandi always says she lashes out when backed into a corner but Adrienne was not even present when Brandi spouted off about her personal business. BRAVO needs to dump the trash mouthy Brandi!

nonmember avatar nobie davlin

Good riddance to Adrienne. She has been a very mean person all year. Brandi may not have a filter, but she only speaks the truth where mean spoiled girl Adrienne constantly lies and she needed to go! Team Brandi all the way.

Liza Garcia

I think its great that Taylor back on cause I'm so glad that adriene gone. That fleet arrangement was horrible and yes she was up to something. And I agree with you that adriene is an instigator trying to blame Brandi for everything and for Camille to be so blind that she could not see they had trouble in adriene marrige was lying on the show last night.everyone could see that.adriene is sick person look how she lies about her husband in court.

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