Movies: Holiday Weekend Picks!


Four Christmases

Photo by: Four Christmases

One of my childhood family traditions is a movie with my brother the day after Turkey Day. Now that we have families of our own, we still do our brother-sister movie fest. Today's pick is Four Christmases. No kids allowed, just me and my brother, acting like we did when we were young, except for the fact we don't throw popcorn at each other. Are you going to the movies this weekend?


My brother and I veer toward the comedies for our holiday flick fest. But there are plenty of great movies out this weekend!  The Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman epic Australia looks fabulous. Jackman was just named the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine and Kidman is always awesome, so how can this movie lose?

Jason Statham fans, Transporter 3 opened this week! pixiesand is a Jason Statham fan, she's a member of the group Movie Fanatics, a cool bunch of ladies who L-O-V-E movies.

I'm going to Twilight on Sunday with some other Edward/Bella addicts fans. My teen daughter is going again with me but I think she is going to sit in another row. I saw Twilight last week with my best friend and my teen. My daughter was mortified because my friend and I were drooling over the movie! October's Mom told me she's going to see the movie again too! Remember to check out the Fans of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series group if you are a Twilight junkie fan!

If you like to kick back with a movie this weekend, what is your pick? Talk to me!


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