Jermaine Jackson Wants to Change His Name & You Can Blame It on the Sunshine

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Jermaine JacksonHere's an odd bit of news -- suddenly, out of the blue, Jermaine Jackson has decided he wants to change his last name. Not drastically mind you, just enough to give it an extra lit bit of brightness. Instead of Jermaine Jackson, he'd like to be known as Jermaine Jacksun.

That one letter of difference is apparently important enough to the 57-year-old that he's going to court to make it legal and everything. According to TMZ, a hearing is scheduled for February 22 when a judge will decide if he's allowed this vowel switch or not. I'm not sure why the judge would object, though I'm also not quite sure why Jermaine would want to do this. It won't even sound different.

He claims it's for "artistic reasons," but why mess with a name that is so well known and linked to his younger brother Michael's legacy? It just seems ... odd.

Jermaine's friend, Steve Dennis, spoke to Fox on the singer's behalf and revealed what he says is the REAL reason the singer is changing his name:

It is something he has chosen to do, and it's fair to say that you cannot blame this one on the boogie, you've got to blame it on the sunshine.

Ha! He's referring, of course, to the Jackson 5 song, "Blame it on the Boogie."  I suppose it's as good of a reason as any.

As odd of a move as it may be, I guess it's his prerogative to change it if he likes. But already public reaction is coming in pretty negative toward the move, and more than a few have suggested a slightly different variation -- Jermaine Jackass

What do you think of Jermaine Jackson's desired name change?


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Misty... Misty.Dawn

i think its ridiculous. But its his name & his $$$ paying to change it, so he can do whatever he wants with it. Its just silly bcus A.the jackson name is SO well known & thats what we know him for-- B.hes not even changing the name, just the spelling so its not like he can say "i dont want to be associated with the Jacksons anymore. hes 57 lol hes not one of these teenagers that change the spelling of words just bcus they think its cute or whatever.

nonmember avatar May

He's an idiot.

This "move" of his is so stupid.

He wants attention, and his getting it with this.

Yes, artist change their name, but generally they do it at the beginning of their careers, before they became famous, not after. Smh.

WCURi... WCURiverRat

It's because... not bcus. Don't bash teenagers 'trying to be cute' when you yourself are doing the same thing!

Joanne Culjak

who cares what he changes his name too. We all know who he is. Wonder what his father thinks of this ?

Misty... Misty.Dawn

Seriously? Are you that bored that u troll cafemom looking for people to start crap with? First of all, I wasnt bashing teenagers. Just stating that hes 57 so changing the spelling bcus he thought its "cute or whatever" (im assuming thats why teens do it) was kinda silly. 2. Obviously youve never heard of shorthand (which is what "bcus" is...just like u instead of you). Get real

Eddie James

How is that considered a name change? To me it's just an alternate spelling. You would pronounce it the same way. I don't think I would go to court to change my name to "Eddy".

Bernice Norman

There is no cure for being ignorant, unless you get wisdom and knowledge from God. That whole family need Jesus. They basically refuse to accept who they are.

nonmember avatar MJ fan woman

Dear Jermaine ! Your style is Just amazing and great!!

Always. I wish you wondeful life..... :)

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