'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Explains What the Heck She Sees in Her Loser Ex

Chelsea HouskaI love Chelsea Houska. She's one of the stars of Teen Mom 2 who really seems to "get" that being a parent is a big responsibility, and you have to throw yourself into it full tilt. But when I got the chance to sit down with her for a face-to-face interview about the third season of the MTV reality show, I knew there was one question that had to be asked: what the heck does she see in on-again/off-again boyfriend Adam Lind?

It's what everyone wants to know about the sweet girl from South Dakota who keeps getting jerked around by, well, the jerk who fathered her daughter Aubree. So what's the skinny? Chelsea finally got honest about the allure of Adam and where they stand today.

Chelsea on her current relationship status:

I'm single right now and just enjoying being single. Content with being single.

On what attracted her to Adam in the first place:

When I was in high school, I was like party girl crazy, didn't have a care in the world. Adam was like that, obviously still is. So we were just the fun couple that partied and stuff like that. It was just young love. You know when you first fall in love with someone and it's, like, "Oh my God!"? That feeling, that's how it was. I haven't had that with anyone else since.

I guess that's why I go back to him, because you always want to go back to that feeling. We were the fun couple and then I grew up and he stayed like that so it didn't work out anymore.

On the on-again/off-again nature of her relationship:

Every time me and Adam get back together, it's so frustrating. I know other people are frustrated, but trust me, people, I am too!

I just hate watching that because everyone's always right. It's hard to admit that, but when your heart feels something, it's hard to say, "No." Some people don't realize that.

On how she'll explain her relationship with Adam to Aubree:

I'm going to just explain to her that we were young when we had her. All the choices that I've made I feel like she won't be disappointed in anything. She's going to be able to see that I tried so hard to keep our family together. I tried to make it work with Adam but it just didn't work. It's going to be good for her to see how hard I did try.

On how things are with Adam right now:

Adam's still in [Aubree's] life. He sees her a couple times a month. His parents are awesome, and they always want her to come stay the night for a night or something. They're still involved, and he'll see her while she's there. 

He has a girlfriend. I just feel kind of like whatever about it. He treated me pretty bad, and I don't think he's going to treat her amazing or anything.

On Adam's new love spending time with Aubree:

It really bothered me at first, like the thought of it happening. And then it happened, and it still bothers me. But eventually it's going to happen.

I just hate that he kind of seems like he plays all like I have this. It's hard for me to explain. Sometimes I think of it like, why does he get to have this girlfriend and play house with my daughter. It's so annoying. You can find a relationship so easy because you don't have the child every day, you can go out and meet people and go on dates. I can't do that.

It's a little frustrating, but in the long run, I'll come out on top.

What do you think about Chelsea's confessions about Adam? Are you happy to see this couple is kaput?

Find out why Chelsea says she isn't being spoiled by her parents!


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nonmember avatar Luccy VanPelt

Adam is such a piece of garbage. Chelsea you deserve better and good riddance! Aubree is the best part of him and the rest is just trash.

nonmember avatar Liz

I've been in chelsea's exact shoes. It's hard to let go of the idea of having a happy family. I'm proud of her for being so honest and moving on with her life. She's my favorite of teen mom 2.

linzemae linzemae

She will always have feelings for him, her first love and her childs father. She will only move on when someone else steals her heart.

Elle Carson

She's a sweet girl but she has terrible confidence in herself. She is beautiful, funny and kind...and she deserves the best. Hopefully she will convince herself someday.

Adored45 Adored45

Who gives a crap!?

Brayl... Braylen1215

All of that time & energy she spent chasing this fool, she could of spent it keeping her stupid ass in school or gettin her GED.

Jackie Blain

I completely understand where she is comming from with the "I want her to know i tried" comment. When my son was 6 months old his dad walked out on us he would bounce in every so often finally i said he had to have a regular schedual or no schedual at all. I thought my son needed stability and i didnt want him to always be looking for his father to show up and get dissapointed when he didnt. so his dad stopped comming all together... for months on end i cried myself to sleep every night. I stopped eating at one point i stopped bathing ( i know yuck.. but that was how deep my depression was) at my darkest hour i just wanted to die i craved killing myself like it was a drug. the only thing that stopped me was the knowledge that if i killed myself my son would have no one. I was terrafied that my son would blame me for him not having a father.. well my son is now 12 my husband adopted him a few years ago and my son and i have lightly touched on the subject of his absent dad and to my relief he never blamed me at all... kids are smart they can tell a looser when they see one. THANK GOD!

Spooky80 Spooky80

chelsea always "claims" shes done with adam but we all know better if he dropped his new gf and went running back to chelsea she would go right back with him and she always will because when it comes to adam she's a very dumb foolish girl who always falls for adams tricks and lies and adam knows that chelsea will always be waiting on the back burner for him

Spooky80 Spooky80

and also....the way adam treats chelsea is pretty bad and she shouldnt even allow his sorry ass to be apart of chelsea's life

Frida266 Frida266

She's young.  She'll learn.

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