'Modern Family' Star Removed From Home & Real-Life Mom Accused of Abuse

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ariel winterAriel Winter plays the smart, sassy middle daughter Alex Dunphy to adorably imperfect but loving Claire and Phil Dunphy on the hit TV show Modern Family. But it looks like her real life may not resemble her fictional life very much at all. A judge has removed Ariel from her home after hearing allegations of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother, Crystal Workman.

Sources say Crystal has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ariel and that the young star is now living with her older sister, Shanelle Workman. Apparently, 20 years ago, Shanelle was removed from her home under similar circumstances and was in foster care for two years.

I guess we'll have to wait for confirmation to find out if the story is true -- but wow, talk about grace under pressure. Ariel has been acting since she was 7 years old, so she must be used to shutting out her private life once those cameras go on. You would never have known Ariel's real life was so stressful. But then, I think a lot of kids who are abused at home turn out to be great actors, going on with their public lives as if everything is just fine.

It's strange to think that all this time, while we were watching Alex Dunphy's relatively carefree life on the show, Ariel may have been going home to a horrible situation. If these allegations about her mother are true, I think it'll change how we see Ariel and her character. It will be hard to watch the show without thinking about Ariel's personal life and the pain that must lie beneath the surface. I wonder if she ever wishes she could have parents more like the Dunphys. I wonder if any of her castmates knew. How did she manage to keep going -- or was it acting that saved her sanity?

Are you surprised to hear the allegations against Ariel Winter's mother?


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littl... littlesuzyfrog

It is tragic that a mother would treat her daughter like trash.  I don't know why Ariel did not figure how to escape as a younger age.  Maybe the fear that her acting career disappear, would be enough to stay.

 I hope she has the gumption to stay away from her Mom,  Because remember,  SHE didn't remove her motherfrom her life, CPA did.  Hopefully she will see this as a wake up call to runaway, and to be responsible enough to realize she has to raise herself from now on.  It'll be hard and sad, but geez if you want it bad enough, she will shut her Mom out for life and figure out how to stand on her own feet.

Brats... Bratsmama9507

I can't stnd to hear when a child is bein abused. I hve 2 daughters and they're a true blessing. Being a mother is the best gift the Good Lord could give u. I didn't hve kids to use them as a punching bag. I had kids bcuz I love them and hve so much love for them. I couldn't imagine my girls bein abused. It brings tears to my eyes and breaks my heart bcuz there is soo many women out here tht cannot hve children and the ones tht can abuse them or even kill them. I'm glad Ariel was takin away from the mother. She needs to focus on her life and career and stay away from her mother!

lasombrs lasombrs

That poor girl. I have never seen the show but I bet her mother held the acting over her and if she spoke out her mother would pull her or something. Poor, poor girl. Glad she is getting help!

lin48 lin48

I don't buy it.  I have a 14 yr old daughter that is hard enough to raise without having more money than me.  I'll be this is how it went down - Mom "No, you can't do that".  Daughter "You're such a bitch, mom"  Mom  - Smack "Stop being such a brat".

CPN322 CPN322

^^So you smack your daughter??? Awesome mom right there.

CPN322 CPN322

Also, can you read? Her older sibling was removed from the home around the same age. It is highly unlikely they would both make up abuse.


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