If Kim Zolciak Isn’t Racist, She Should Stop Saying Racist Things

kim zolciakIf anyone knows how to create drama, it's a Real Housewife. The ladies of Atlanta are back in action and bitchier than ever in this, their fifth season, and boy oh boy oh boy, the hits just keep on coming. After Sunday night's premiere episode, the ladies took to their Bravotv.com blogs and to Twitter to stir up even more shit, and we're all the more entertained for it. NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss basically started calling fellow cast mate Kim Zolciak a racist, and the rest is beautiful, glorious, melodramatic Housewife history.

Here's what happened.

Kim and her assistant Sweetie went over to Kandi's house and, according to Kandi's blog, insulted her neighborhood and implied that the only wealthy people who live there are drug dealers. Then Kim made a comment about Kandi not needing to tan, because Kandi's black, and Kandi, as well as NeNe, took offense.

Ms. Leakes wrote on Twitter:

Shady! U don't need no sun! Wow. Racist comments! I been telling y'all this 4 a while now.

And what does Kim have to say about all this? She wrote in her blog:

NeNe constantly insinuated "I come from a trailer park" AND I am the racist one? I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I know my character, and the multiple friends of different races that I do have know it as well! Like I have said before and will say here again for the last time, COLOR means absolutely nothing to me, it is the person’s character and blatant ignorance that determines the non-friendship between me and the person. That is all for now.

Kim went on to say that the comment she made about Kandi not having to tan was a joke, and that she, Kandi, and Sweetie all laughed about it.

Here's the thing -- I don't know if Kim's racist or not, but really, if she wants to stop being called a racist, maybe, I don't know, she should stop offending people? Regardless of whether or not she's actually motivated to cut people down based on their color, it's not cool that she says thing that people find offensive, no matter if Kim thinks what she's saying is offensive or not.

If I were Kim, I'd play it safe for a while and try not to make any racists jokes that could be interpreted the wrong way. Because if she is, in fact, joking, the humor's falling a little flat.

Do you think Kim's acting racist?


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Marilyn VanDyk

If Kim was racist, she certainly wouldn't have black friends...the simple fact that she and NeNe used to be friends, that she was good friends with Kandi, and her and Sweetie are like family says alot...when you are good friends, you pick on each other playfully...just another reason to bring more drama.

Penny Reeder Thomas

I don't think it was a racist remark.  I do however, feel that it was an unnecessary remark.  I think that Kim is great on the show, but lets show sensitivity or at the very least sensorship on her part.

Kristine Ullemeyer

No, I think all the girls make off the cuff remarks. It must pick on Kim week

nonmember avatar Amy

This is SO effing STUPID. SERIOUSLY people? I'm very pale and if someone said to me, "You need some color/a tan/to get some sun," do you think any normal person would say that's RACIST?! Are you kidding? This is beyond idiotic. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE. I have crazy-curly hair and if someone said, "Boy, the last thing YOU need is a perm," I guess I'll just say that's racist too. SO ANNOYING.

Hannah Elliott

It's funny that everyone commenting saying Kim wasn't being racist is white.

nonmember avatar Ann

Kim is a racist. She has made a lot of racist comments on the show. NeNe was right to put her in her place. She says that she has friends of many races, but just because you have an association with other races as friends, dosen't mean that you still can't be a racist to a certain group of people outside her circle of friends. I believe, when she makes those racist comments, she plays them off as jokes to cover her true racist beliefs and from being viewed as a racist. I believe she means what she says. She needs to be very careful about making comments that can be deemed offensive. Someone may not take it as a joke and turn around and knock her out. I think she has been very close to saying the "N" word plenty of times on the show. She talks down to the Black women on the show, especially Sweetie. When some White people are confronted about being a racist, their first response is always about them having a person of color as a friend or best friend...yeah right! Kim needs to take a long look at what she says and does. The fact she slept around with a married man, for years, says a lot about her character, but she doesn't want to be reminded of that little known fact. And for those that says she is not a racist hasn't been in the position to receive racist remarks about them to determine whether or not her comments are offensive. It's never appropriate to make comments or jokes about anyone that is offensive or sterotyped. It's ugly and disrepectful.

nonmember avatar Jparker Matthew

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree her dad made blatant racist comments about Sweetie ALL the time and he went unchecked

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