Courtney Robertson Admits Dating Arie Luyendyk & Takes One Last Stab at Ex Ben Flajnik

Courtney RobertsonWell, it's official. Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson has confirmed that she's dating Arie Luyendyk, Jr. -- yes, the same Arie who women everywhere fell in lust with during Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette.

They were spotted "canoodling" (a classic celeb past time) not too long ago, and apparently they're now chummy enough to be considered an item. Courtney told Life & Style, "Yes, I’m dating Arie. We’re enjoying our time together."

And there you have it. The amazing kisser nice guy who got his heart broken, and the mega-villain who everyone loved to hate. (How on earth did this dude go from Emily to Courtney? They're like night and day as far as being sweet and genuine goes!)


I guess it really shouldn't come as a huge surprise that these two struck up a romance, because plenty of other Bachelor and Bachelorette alums from different seasons have hooked up in the past.

But considering Courtney and Ben Flajnik's engagement has only been over for about a month, it seems a little soon for her to be jumping into another relationship, especially since she and Ben were together for like a year. And aside from that, they appeared to be pretty happy together before their breakup, but judging from another comment Courtney made to Life & Style -- things were anything but rosy between her and her mop-haired honey.

She said, "I was miserable with Ben; he treated me so badly."

Wow. Nice jab, Court. But was Ben really that mean?

Hmm. Call me crazy, but I think I see what's really going on here. Sure, there's a chance that Courtney and Arie are really falling for each other, but doesn't it seem more likely that Court is trying to repair her image and stake her claim as America's sweetheart by painting Ben in a bad light while moving on with a fan favorite?

Since fans already love Arie, it may automatically pull them into Courtney's corner too, and then they will possibly turn on Ben. Seems like a pretty feasible plan as far as Courtney is concerned. (Winning!)

Do you think Courtney and Arie are going to last?


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