Stacey Dash’s Post-Election Letter Isn’t the Laughable Whinefest We Were Expecting

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stacey dashOh that troublemaker Stacey Dash. Remember when she broke with the Hollywood herd and rooted for Mitt Romney? And we were all, "Stacey Dash ... what was she in again?" (Clueless and the TV series Single Ladies.) Well, I imagine the election results were a bit disappointing for her. But just before the results came in, she took the opportunity to reflect and express her election thoughts in a letter she sent to TMZ. Let's have a look.

Given TMZ's tone I thought the letter was going to be a hilarious, loopy rant. But it's not. It's thoughtful -- and it sounds a lot like what some of my more conservative friends are saying. YES, I'm a total outspoken pinko, but I've managed to remain friends with people of other political persuasions. (Um, right guys? You're still talking to me?) She starts off with a peace-making tone.

At the end of the day we are in this together. This is our American family. I do not want to be a part of the hateful voices insulting each other. I want to be part of the voices that shape the future. Don't you?

And then she admits that she may have been naive in endorsing Romney so publicly -- I don't think she saw the racially-charged backlash coming.

Stacey wants us to know her endorsement of Romney wasn't a statement against Obama. In fact, she voted for him in '08 and credits him for getting a lot of good work done in his first term. It's just that she happens to be a fiscal conservative and liked Romney's economic plan. And guess what else attracted her to Romney? His record of bipartisanship as governor of Massachusetts and Romneycare.

And yeah, she gets it. "Ultimately I know that what Stacey Dash thinks about who will be the next president of the United States isn't that important in the scheme of things." But she makes a plea for bipartisan cooperation as the only thing that can move our country forward.

I guess she wrote most of the letter before election day and then added a bit at the end once the race had been called for Obama. She admits she's disappointed, but she congratulates Obama and applauds America for voting.

You know what? I feel like we've been set up to mock Stacey's letter ("click to read ... whatever this is"), but I don't see anything here to mock. I don't even know why TMZ is calling the letter a "rant." If anything, Stacey's is the kind of voice that seemed to get lost in all the real rants -- she's a moderate adult.

There's been a lot of childish screaming today from people who are completely, irrationally freaked out over Obama winning a second term. And it's just a ridiculous waste of energy. Are you going to live your life like it's a Ryan Seacrest/Andy Cohen production? DRAMA! OMG IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! WHOSE EXTENSIONS DO I PULL OUT? (Ahem, Trump.) Or are you going to work hand-in-hand with the rest of the grownups to build a brighter future? I may not exactly agree with Stacey Dash's politics, but that's okay. I am totally with her ethics.

Do you think bipartisanship is possible or are we hopelessly deadlocked?


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Todd Vrancic

I hope bipartisanship is possible, we would get so much more done.

nonmember avatar Amy

Off topic but she looks amazing at 46.

purvi... purvislets

I surely hope that bipartisanship can be achieved, otherwise it's going to be 4 years of nothing getting accomplished.  

Kermit Blackwood

Spot On! I can't believe the vitriol she's getting for this very insightful and honest open letter.

bills... billsfan1104

We are hopelessly deadlocked. Just look at the title of your article and what you said. You were waiting for her to say something stupid, because any celebrity that endorsed Romney, must be ignorant right? She was smart from the beginning, didn't deserve the hateful and racist things the people of the left said to her. And your title proves that we will never work together.

bills... billsfan1104

And if Romney won, do you really think the left would of remained quiet? No they would of been bickering too. The right has said their stuff, bitched and moaned but are ready to move on. Unfortunately the democrats to include the democrat bloggers on this site, wont let Romney go. You kick him when he is down and are showing you cant be graceful winners.

Marc Tabor

I't really depends on if the left can stop gloating long enough. I am a republican supporter but not a romeny supporter, did not support Obama either. I did have a lot of local candidates that were good solid midleclass people that did a damn good job that got swooped up in the anti republican fever that obama and his crew started. Almost no one vetted candidate by candidate. Lots of strong moderate republicans who worked hard for bipartisanship at state levels have been replaced with far left partisans who have declared they have no intention of working with what remains of the GOP in our state. This will sow even more resentment then their local campaign based on lies and misdirection (most of our candidates were bashed for voting for legislation that the Democrats helped authored and co-sponsored) We here were also victims of citizens united, out spent nearly 3-1 at the state level. I walked into tuesday a bipartisan. I woke up Wednesday as something else... and the democrats of our state helped make me.

EndBi... EndBigotry

She will burn in hell along with the rest of you idiots who wanted SOMEONE IN A CULT TO LEAD AMERICA!! MORMONS ARE A CULT! WAKE UP AND GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF THE BIBLE OF JOSEPH,  Big dummies! WHY DIDN'T YOU SUPPORT RICK PERRY? One day all this madness will come upon your children, so go ahead and roll your eyes and shrug your shoulders. And by the way tell that bigot rommney to get up off his but and give a hand up not hand out to people who don't have his skin color or amount of money.




















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