Kristen Stewart Finally Answers 'Robert Pattinson' Question -- They're So Together! (VIDEO)

kristen stewartKristen Stewart made a leisurely jaunt on over to the Today show this morning to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and not only was she, well, not totally and completely awkward, she answered the question everyone has been dying for her to answer: Are she and Robert Pattinson together?

And I've gotta say, she answered it well.

When Savannah Guthrie asked KStew the burning question, she jokingly -- yes, Kristen joked! -- said: "Funny you mention that." And then she confidently stated: "I'm going to just let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are. Keep 'em guessing, I always say."

Well-played, KStew, well-played indeed.

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Also, you're so obviously together with RPattz. I mean, why don't you just wear a shirt with a silk-screened image of the two of you on it?

If Kristen and Rob weren't together, her "people" would have made damn sure there were no questions about their relationship. Yes, celebs get to do that sort of thing. And if they weren't -- and her "people" were cool with her being asked That Fateful Question -- she would have just said no. Or she would have at least been less cagey. Unless ... this whole thing is just one, giant publicity stunt. But noooo, that could never be, right? Celebrities have far too much dignity to ever stoop to the level of fabricating an elaborate lie in the name of fame.

Conspiracy theories aside, though, Kristen really was poised and, well, normal in her interview. No pouting. No awkward squirms. No looking at the floor the entire time. 

Probably because she's totally back with Rob.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are together?

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Karen Armstrong

I truly want to believe they are but last night while Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Rob on his radio talk show Ryan asked Rob if him and Kristne wre together and he did not get to answer his lawyers were in the room  the lawyer pointed her pencil at Rob and told him not to answer the question he did not and then the lawyer told Ryan if there are no more question interview over they wer not aware a camara was on them  so I think Ropb is yanking our chain and hiding behind his lawyers while Kristen is being hurt she is stressed  looks sick and rob does not care I think it is time he tells the truth and stops hiding behind his lawyers


babyb... babybirch

Not a Twilight fan so I'm not so biased about the whole deal. Because they are people, not the characters they portray in a film, it is my opinion that they seem better off separated. I do believe that their 'reunion' is conspicious given that it is just in time for the release of the new film.

Either way, I'm won't look too deeply into it. I hope they find happiness, together or not.

Susan Reeves Kleist

The real question would be to ask if I cared LOL

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

People.....just mind your own business! Nobody pokes onto your personal life, so keep to yourselves.

nonmember avatar J

Haha...I always love reading the comments of "who cares? I don't" "Mind your business" etc. etc. When everyone commenting here CHOSE to read the article and CHOSE to leave a comment...

silen... silentlady

these idiots deserve each other

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