'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Reads Everything You're Saying About Her

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans is nothing if not a lightning rod for criticism. The Teen Mom 2 star may just be the most controversial out of a show that's controversial in and of itself. So how does Evans deal with it all? She uses it clean up her act.

That's right! With the third season of Teen Mom 2 set to premiere on Monday, November 12, Jenelle sat down with The Stir to tell us why she's glad she was arrested and put on probation (!), and why you might want to be careful about what you say about her on the Internet. Some of her confessions may surprise you:

Jenelle on what to expect on the third season:

This season's all about me being on probation, going through the ups and downs and the struggles of it. Honestly, I think it was a blessing in disguise.

As you can see, I was like a wild child running around everywhere with no responsibilities, no boundaries or anything. When I was put on probation, I was put to a halt. She said either you follow my rules or you're going to jail.

I had to stop being so stubborn and swallow my pride and deal with it. Like I said, it was a blessing in disguise. I completed probation successfully and stayed sober.

On why she watches Teen Mom 2 along with the rest of us:

When you watch yourself on TV, you see all the flaws that you make, and you just want to change yourself and better yourself. You see how much you grow up, and you're like, "Wow, I really came a long way."

It's like a video diary of the last couple years of your life, and it's good to have that always because that way whenever you have hardship in your life, you can go back and say, "Look, I had a problem like this not that long ago, and I overcame it."

On her son, Jace:

Everything's great with my family and Jace. He's 3 years old; he's really into Spider-Man. I have a new boyfriend, and my whole family approves of him. He's met Jace. Jace loves him, and he loves Jace. Everything's just positive in my life right now.

On sharing Teen Mom 2 with Jace:

I think when he hits puberty or when he turns about 12 because that's the age before you turn into a crazy rebellious teenager like I was. I hope Jace doesn't see Teen Mom like, "Oh my God, I want to do everything my mom did." I want him to see it and say, "Wow, she messed up. I need to make sure I don't go down that route."

I wouldn't swallow my pride. I didn't care what anyone else thought, and I thought everyone was trying to turn against me. And then I found out everyone is really there to help me and support me and help me try to get Jace back, and they're only trying to tell me to go down these certain paths because they're the right paths and I'm choosing the wrong ones. Or I was. 

On her future with Jace:

Looking to get custody back early next year. Just as long as I keep this stable life and path that I'm on now. As you can see from TV, I go through up and downs every couple months. I need to just stay stable for like six straight months so when Jace comes back, I know it's not going to go crazy.

On cleaning up her act:

I go to school, and I work out like three times a week. I'm eating healthy food, staying healthy. I work three separate online jobs other than from MTV, so I'm always working at home online, so, you know, it all works out.

On who she really is:

A lot of people think that I'm this bad, mean person and that I'm selfish and keep to myself because I'm stuck up, but really that's not me. I have to keep to myself because if I get too close with somebody, they will end up selling stories about me. 

There's only a certain amount of people I can trust, and when you go to parties, it's not that fun having pictures taken behind your back. I get social anxiety really quick, and I can't even go back to the clubs anymore. I'm completely done with clubs. I can't even step into a club without getting an anxiety attack.

On dealing with the Internet critics:

The hardest thing I would say is taking the criticism on the Internet. They think that we're just rock walls; they think that we don't read any of it. Oh, she doesn't read this, so I'm going to say this anyway.

Yes, we read a lot. We read A LOT. We may not read all of it, but we read enough of it that it does make us upset.

You could just not read it, but you want to know what their opinions are when you upload a new picture, like, do they like it, do they not? Like I took a picture of traffic when I came in and put it on Twitter. I had all the comments of, Oh, duh there's going to be traffic because there was a hurricane, don't you know there was a hurricane, what are you, stupid?

I was, like, they're yelling at me because I posted a picture of traffic! It gets a little bit ridiculous but those are the ones you obviously have to ignore.

Cyberbullying is not funny at all. It's scary because now you don't even know who is behind the screen of the computer.

Which one of Jenelle's confessions shocked you the most? Do you look at her any differently now?

Image by Jeanne Sager

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Brats... Bratsmama9507

I think she was young and ignorant and didn't care about ppl's feelings. PPL can change and I think thts Wht she done. She now looks bck and wishes she wulda done it differently. No use dwellin on the past so u jus need to let it go and move on. Thts exactly whts she is doin. I wish her the very best and I hope she gets Jace bck bcuz I wouldn't want my mother rasing my son when it's my job. She's very lucky her mother stood by her and took her son in when she was out partying and doin drugs etc.. I think she's on the right path and I hope she stays there. GOOD LUCK JENELLE EVANS!

Kristy Christina Butterfield

everyone makes mistakes and she was young and wanted to be young alot of teenage moms go through the same exact thing my sister went through some of the same stuff it doesnt make her a bad person she lived and she learned and people who cant see that she grew from it should take a look at their own lives and fix their flaws and stop trying to find the flaws in everyone elses!

Jackie Blain

I can't believe how grown up she looks in the pic :)

nonmember avatar Linda

I hope u stay clean and healthy.it's one day at a time.gives thanks to ur mom Janelle for taking care of ur baby it's not been a pleasant ride for her either

Tiffany Primm

I think Janelle is just like any other teen mom, she's trying to be a teen and a mother at the same time. She is trying really hard but people of her past bring her down. I think if she surrounds herself with family she will get her life back on track. I know her mom is difficult to deal with but she really does want to help her!

MNGirl18 MNGirl18

Wow, I'm really impressed. It sounds like she truly has cleaned up her life. Good for her!

Heather Marie Henslee

sounds like she is doing alot better. keep up the good work Jenelle!

Jordan Bell

She didn't stay sober during her probation. She tested positive for weed in August and they let her off wieth a warning or one month extension or something like that. She only stayed off weed for 6 months, then she got right back together with Keiffer right after. I'm sureeeee she was just staying so sober with Kieffer.......

And "sober" to me means no drugs or alcohol. There have been all kinds of drinking pictures of her released, including that video of her being a drunken mess with Tori. It was confirmed it was during her probation because she was wearing a pink cast in it.

nonmember avatar krystal

I don't look at Janelle differently I've always looked at her the same and that she is doing the best she can out of why life brings to her. The one thing that makes me mad about what she does is she keeps running back to kieffer like he's somebody special when she knows he isn't. He put her in jail, really do u need to be with somebody like that but we were all young once and ALL of us has made bad decisions its up to u if u wanna fix them.

Spooky80 Spooky80

she's just talking out of her ass (again like always), sorry

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