Kirstie Alley's Relationship With Patrick Swayze Should've Remained a Secret

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Kirstie Alley

Throughout this season of Dancing With the Stars, Kirstie Alley's positive attitude and fun demeanor have made her a winner even if she doesn't wind up taking home the mirror ball trophy. She's such a huge source of inspiration to so many fans -- and that's why it was nothing short of appalling when Kirstie revealed her secret relationship with Patrick Swayze.

She told ET's Chris Jacobs that she and Patrick fell in love while filming North and South in 1985, and admits that they were both married at the time.

And considering how devastating Patrick's death from pancreatic cancer was for his wife, Lisa Niemi, it's pretty hard to understand why Kirstie would choose to drop a bombshell like this instead of keeping the love affair to herself.

And you know what makes the whole thing even worse? Supposedly Kirstie and Lisa are still friends, but she's not sure that she knows about their romance. (What the heck?)

Why on earth would you go on national television and tell a reporter that you'd had an affair with someone's late husband without having the decency to tell her in private first? If Kirstie was going to go public with her story and Lisa is really her friend, then she should've at least explained the nature of her relationship with Patrick to her first.

And honestly, all hearing about their relationship is going to do is hurt Lisa and make her grieve even further, and possibly question her marriage to Patrick -- so why let the cat out of the bag in the first place? (Did America really need to know?)

It's hard to tell what prompted Kirstie to bring up the affair, but maybe she just couldn't help herself after admitting to Barbara Walters that John Travolta was "the greatest love of her life," while they were filming Look Who's Talking.

Geez -- is she having a late mid-life crisis or something? Or is she trying to clear her conscience by releasing her deepest, darkest secrets?

Whatever her reasons may be, her romance with Patrick Swayze was between her and Patrick Swayze -- and it should've stayed that way. Period.

Why do you think Kirstie chose to talk about the romance now?


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nonmember avatar Beth

I would have never known had I not read it here.

Teresa Cardascia Smith

She should have kept her trap shut!! Big mouth. RIP Patrick Swayze

cassi... cassie_kellison

Not only is it terrible of her to reveal to the wife, and TV, but he is no longer here to defend himself. Maybe She thought they had something and they didn't.

Teresa Cardascia Smith

Oh and in 20 years, she'll be saying the same thing about Maks.

Debbie Sparks

Kirstie Alley is probably trying to drum up publicity for this aging and failing show.

Carol... Carol_H79

I think she should have kept it to herself.  Why would you want to torture a wife/friend who has lost their husband?

Kathy Calm

She is Tired and Thinking of all her Quiet Precious Moments of the Past that were Stolen Away because of Someone Else's Romantic Hierarchy! I don't really think of her as a Movie Actress, but I can see how you would want your Off Camera/Behind the Scenes Time to Be Special!

Lisa Coto

Its Hollywood, do you expect anything else? Straying husbands are the norm...geez. If she wants to put herself out  there like that then let her do it! I am sure the wives know! They are just experts at covering it up so people can believe in a perfect fairytaleHollywood Marriage.

Rita Ann Serpa-Leid

Not knowing full well that this is true, (I don't watch ET!) I will say that if it is true, she should have kept this to herself! Patrick is no longer here to explain his isde of things, defend himself, whatever. I'd have NEVER, ever guessed that Kirstie could be so cruel as to do this, most esp. to a FRIEND!! This makes me very sad!

nonmember avatar _

I heard it here first, so if this article weren't up I wouldn't have known. While you're questioning Alley's motive in publicizing this, what is The Stir's motive in publicizing it further?

Just sayin... glass houses...

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