'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Sets the Record Straight About Her Marriage

Kailyn LowryIt's been a rough week for Kailyn Lowry. She got slammed with a fake secret wedding story, and a store clerk insinuated the slim blond was looking fat. But if there was ever a time the Teen Mom 2 star should be on top of the world, it's now.

Her show is starting its third season on Monday, and she's set to marry the love of her life, Javi Marroquin. Got that? Set to marry ... as in they aren't married yet! In fact, Kailyn was more than willing to spill the truth about her love life when she sat down with The Stir! From whether fans will get to see her wedding to how things are with ex-boyfriend Jo, Kailyn set the record straight:

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On how she met fiance Javi:

I was working in a retail store in the mall, and he came in shopping. He asked me on a date, and I said no! I like turned him down for so long, but then we finally started dating.

On letting son Isaac meet Javi:

Javi actually wanted to meet Isaac right away, and I felt like that was kind of the best case scenario because if they didn't bond, I knew it wasn't going to work out with Javi.

I felt like it was in the best interest for everyone. I didn't want to waste my time with someone for six months and then for it not to work. They met while we were still friends.

On how Javi and Isaac have bonded:

Oh my God they love each other. It's so funny. In the morning, if Isaac wakes up and I'm not up yet, Javi will go get him and they'll come in and stare at me or they'll jump on the bed to wake me up. They love each other!

He actually took Isaac trick-or-treating for me while I was at work.

On her relationship with Isaac's dad:

I struggled a lot with coming to terms ... with Jo dating someone else. It was so hard for me to understand that someone else was going to be in Isaac's life, and it was especially hard because people didn't understand that I didn't want to be with Jo. I just wanted to kind of exclude her from the picture, you know? I didn't want her to be around Isaac, and to this day it's still hard for me. I think I've come more to terms with it.

I mean, I was with Jordan when he started dating this girl, and so I had somebody, but it was more like Isaac is my only solid family, he's my only blood.

Jo didn't understand that. I don't think anyone really understands where I'm coming from.

On her wedding and whether the MTV cameras will be allowed in: 

We haven't really set a date in stone yet. I would love to have them there!

On the other Teen Moms showing up for the wedding:

I'm close with everyone. We're so close it's like every time we're together, we pick up where we left off. I actually got a chance to go to Leah's wedding, so yeah, and that was really fun. 

I hope they come! That would be cool!

Are you looking forward to seeing Kailyn and Javi's wedding on Teen Mom?


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Jackie Blain

kinda hypocritical for her to say that she didn't want another woman in Issac's life when she keeps dragging home guys to be in Issac's life.. how does she think Joe feels?

nonmember avatar Andrea

This is all a lie! They ARE married!!! They married civilly back in September in Allentown, PA. They are just saying they are engaged to make it seem like they're planning for a year. They break on and off repeatedly too. It's so funny that everyone believes her! Get real!

Ikette Ikette

I didn't read it. Just cannot believe this crap! Who cares!

abra819 abra819

You all are total bitches lol.. I think she's fabulous, you go girl!!

nonmember avatar adrienne

How much better would this season be if Kailyn started dating a new guy? And the previews showed a *gasp* wedding?! Like, who wouldn't watch that?
Now... how weird would it be if Kailyn just started the season married already? That's weird, right?
They're married, but this is for ratings. Kail is getting paid by MTV for this drama, she can mold it anyway she wants... and if she makes more bucks for airing her own wedding, I'm sure she'd lie for awhile about the actual nuptial date! It's all smoke and mirrors.
Kail, this is crazy!! Great for tv, irrational for real life!! Neither of you even have a career.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

I never watched teen mom after the first season. Where do they find these girls anyways? Do a bunch of pregnant girls audition ? It's all so fake to me, how can anyone be a good mom at 16 years old while cameras are followin them every second? This girl is immature and a hypocrite.

Justa... Justamom283

I don't get it. She can introduce her boyfriends to Isaac but Jo can't introduce his girlfriend? And her reasoning is because it would be hard on her?

Jenna Davila

Why would she be mad that he is with someone else?! That is very hypocritical of her considering she lets Issac around all the men she has dated. Jo's girlfriend is a beautiful nice woman who seems to love Issac. I really think Kailyn is jealous of her, after all shes with Jo and she is drop dead gorgeous! Seems like Kailyn doesnt want him with anyone unless its her. They have been dating for 2 years get over it!

Alaina Quist

what a bunch of judgemental bitches you guys are

segov... segoviaj048

None of these comments make sense to me and are full of hate; wow! MTV filmed this a year ago so nothing needed to be faked, and that's no secret. So I don't understand the comment on how weird it'd be to start off this season with her married; at the time this was filmed she wasn't even with Javi yet and now she is. Second, how can anyone think this show is fake?? It's not even that drama filled and if you're going to fake something it'd be for the purpose of adding surprises and twists. Plus, you can easily tell when someone is 'acting'. I mean really, which parts are not 'real' to you?? Bottom line, we all know this was filmed last year (if not a year than during this past year ) and that's no secret. And we've all been there; hating on our exes new girlfriend. Yes its hypocritical but its a natural feeling. Kailyn even calls herself a hypocrite in season 2.

Man people are stupid

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