‘Real Housewives’ Star Brandi Glanville Reveals Just How Wicked Adrienne Maloof Can Be

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The claws are out even when the cameras aren't rolling. In a recent interview, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville revealed she will NEVER be friends castmate Adrienne Maloof.

Anyone expecting the ladies to broker a truce during the hiatus is out of luck. The feud is still on and as vicious as ever -- which is painfully clear by Brandi's incredibly catty comments.

"I don't get along with Adrienne, which is unfortunate," she told The Daily Beast. "Things went down during the break that will be explained during the season." Translation -- get ready for a whole lotta drama when the show returns on Bravo.

Apparently, things started to get really nasty between the two before the last reunion show. It all started when Brandi says Adrienne wanted to meet to "go over what we are gonna go after Lisa [Vanderpump] for, and I didn't want to do it. I was like, this is so ridiculous. I'm not doing that." She also quipped, "I don't see us being friends in the future."

Honestly, are any of these women ever really "friends" anyway? As soon as Brandi stepped onto the scene, those women had their daggers out. They all made fun of her clothes (she never wore a bra), her dirty mouth, and ever her kids (they pee in public). But things got really bad between her and Adrienne as the season progressed and they were at each other's throats behind the scenes. At one point, things reportedly got so bad, Adrienne threatened to get lawyers involved.

Not that Brandi is really that buddy-buddy with the other gals, either. Though her feud with Kyle and Kim Richards has thankfully mellowed. They "were complete assholes ... [but] right now we're fine," she says. Her take on Taylor Armstrong? "It’s just weird because I feel sorry for [Taylor because of Russell’s death], but at the same time, she f**king annoys me,” said Brandi. “Every time I think, ‘Oh, poor her,’ she does something very asshole-ic.”

Some so-called pals. Just a note to all Real Housewives: Friends do not flip tables at you (Teresa Guidice), snatch your wig off (NeNe Leakes), or call you "white trash" (and that would be you, Aviva Drescher).

As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies ...

Do you think there are any genuine friendships on this show?


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nonmember avatar terry77

I thought adrienne was the one who introduced brandi to the group?

Hope Ballard

Braindi needs to go she is trash...

Anna Maria

Get your facts straight...it was Sheree who tried to snag Kim's wig.

marigny marigny

The majority of the women on this show are probably not friends and will never be friends. It's all about combining personalities that explode, which means mucho drama and big time ratings!

nonmember avatar Shirley J C

U need Jesus!!! U R such a broken woman since the break-up of your marriage. The
anger that U carry around in your heart
is one of a woman scorned.. Get over it
and get some professional help. If this
is any kind of picture of the way you've
always been, I pitty your X-husband & the
the next man in your life..As for female
friends, it's going to be hard to keep good ones...U need a change in your life & in your heart & mind.......

Janice Luscher

All Brandi needs is a broom

Maria Soto

blah blah blah, all you people are so wrong.  blah blah blah it's all Brandi fault she was the one with the big mouth, blah blah blah it was Brandi bringing up shit, but guess what folks at least Brandi tells the truth.  I haven't heard any truth from the fucking witch Adrienne, nor from the asshole Kyle, nor from the cunt Mauricio, all these fuckers are ganging up on Brandi who has done nothing, but told the truth and sorry but she is saying this shit and it wasn't for the world to know then the witch Adrienne should have kept it shut from everyone, but she didn't and this rich bitch wants to sue because she doesn't like what Brandi say, what a fucking coward this bitch is, just like you folks here blaming Brandi, you fucks already know that Adrienne attack her first, Kim said some shit about Brandi first, and still you fuckers blame Brandi.  All it states that all you damn fuckers are coward, liars, fake ass shit, at least Brandi tells it like it is and will own up to her own shit when she is wrong, too bad these other fucking ladies, Adrienne Kyle Camille Kim Taylor Faye, can't do same, they are the fucking bullies.  Trying to get other women to get on Lisa says a lot about Adrienne, but still you fuckers blame Brandi, fuck y'all get your shit right.

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