I Took That Dare -- And Nearly Left in an Ambulance! (VIDEO)

Video 1

FlickrAn actual scene from "I'll Take That Dare." NOT!I'll do just about anything for our CafeMom Studios series, "I'll Take That Dare."

From wearing a Forever Lazy in public to flying on a trapeze, I've taken some pretty crazy dares -- but I came dangerously close to leaving this one in an ambulance ...

Can you believe what happened? Who would have thought being a mascot could be so DANGEROUS?!

But I'm telling you, that outfit was HOT. And not in a good way!

I'm not sure why the designer of that bee head thought the wearer of the costume wouldn't need to breathe much. I mean, why is it that some of these costumes only have vents in the eyes? I wish you could have seen me inside that costume at times, with my mouth pushed up against one of the eyeholes, sucking up any air I could get.

It was a definite low point for me!

Another mascot at that event told me that some costumes come with a built-in fan, but he advised against renting one that had that feature. He said he'd worn dozens over the years, and not one of the fans ever worked.

I made it through this dare -- barely -- and since I'm shooting season 4 starting on Friday, I have three words for all of you:


Would you take this dare in 90+ degree weather?


Image via State Records NSW/Flickr

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