Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit & Now He REALLY Has Money on His Mind

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lil wayneI don't know about you, but I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- not to mention APPALLED, to hear that Lil Wayne lost his case against Quincy Jones III. You know, the one over Jones' allegedly "scandalous" documentary about the rapper? Lil Wayne LOST. Even after that now-legendary deposition video in which Weezy responded to pretty much every question out of Jones' lawyer's mouth with a cunningly cryptic, "I don't recall." Inconceivable! And you know what's worse? Lil Wayne also lost the countersuit Jones filed against him, and he now owes Jones a whopping $2,195,000. Easy baby, I'm just trying to keep my bread cheesy baby! Jeez, it's enough to give a guy a seizure! On an airplane, even!

Speaking of seizures ... funny thing, those.

Apparently Lil Wayne's "medical issues" are sort of the reason why he lost the lawsuit. Because the seizures kept him from appearing in court, so Weezy's lawyer was forced to show the judge that (effing hilarious) deposition video. And, uh, the judge? Let's just say he didn't laugh as hard as I did.

What's a gangsta supposed to do now?! That's a hefty price to pay, yo. Poor Weezy gonna be tradin' those lobsters and shrimps for Kool-Aid and chicken! Seriously. What if his Escalade gets impounded?!

But the real question here, I think, is a philosophical one, sort of. Did Lil Wayne doom himself to a financially fraught future when he wrote the following lyrics?

Money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money on my mind
Money money on my mind
So money is all I think of

Indeed. That's some heavy sh*t. Yo.

Do you think Lil Wayne should pay Quincy Jones III over two million dollars?


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worki... workingmama86

I'm lost, why did Quincy (whoever that is) sue Lil Wayne? And isn't $2,000,000 just pocket change?


Also, if Lil Wayne feels this is unfair, then he can file an appeal... 

Or, maybe he should have shown up to court instead of having random seizures before every single courtdate, just a thought! 

Heath... Heather.Rose

This is not one of your best articles. I personally found the kool aid and chicken comment extremely offensive. I am so sick of these stereotypes of the black people. Comments like this piss me off.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Amen, Heather! The Kool-Aid and chicken comment was offensive. Lil Wayne has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, $2 million is nothing to him. 

dirti... dirtiekittie

sorry jacqueline, but i'm with some other ladies here. the 'kool-aid and chicken' bit was over the line. i get where you were going with it, but did you have to racially stereotype so hard? you could have easily said "from lobster and shrimp to spam and tuna"... same implication, less offensive.

the whole article is just... i don't know... strange? nothing else to write about today? :(

dirti... dirtiekittie

@workingmama - quincy jones is a director, and he directed a film which portrayed lil' wayne in a "less-than-favorable" light (in lil' wayne's opinion). so he sued quincy jones for the portrayal. but then quincy jones countersued him, for libel or something of the like i believe. basically, lil' wayne didn't like how quincy jones portrayed him in film and sued, then got countersued.

Mrs.S... Mrs.Sparkle

Hope ur next article is better cause this is very wack!

nonmember avatar bee

That guy owes more people More money he gonna be broken soon!!!

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