'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Adrienne Maloof Fights Back With Flowers

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I don't know which was bigger or more excessive on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -- Lisa Vanderpump's insane closet or the flower arrangement Adrienne Maloof had sent to the Villa Blanca anniversary party. Both were perfectly Beverly Hills shi shi shi though, and the perfect reminders of why we've missed these ladies so much.

Most of the episode was just set-up, catching us up on where everyone was and what issues were still unresolved, such as the tension between Kim Richards (now sober) and Brandi Glanville (still spilling out of every dress she wears). We met new girl Yolanda Foster, ex-wife of Lisa's uber rich friend Mohamed Hadid, but got no real sense of where she's going to fit into this motley mix. She did seem a bit uptight though and totally took Brandi's comment about sleeping with every man in Hollywood out of context.

The main stage drama was between Lisa and Adrienne, even though we never saw them in the same room together.

Lisa is still miffed that her long-time friend and ex-neighbor accused her of selling stories to the tabloids. Her way of punishing her -- not inviting her to her big anniversary party for Villa Blanca. Though Adrienne surely would have learned of the snub sooner or later (just like Lisa surely wanted her to), Taylor Armstrong blurted out the news just assuming Adrienne would be invited like I'm sure Adrienne assumed she would be.

When shopping for a dress for Taylor for the event (because she's gained 10 pounds and has nothing to wear), Adrienne said she thought they'd moved on. "It seems pretty mean girlish," she said. "Of course being left out is hurtful."

I'm not huge fans of either of them, but if I had to pick between Team Lisa and Team Adrienne, I'd go Team Lisa just because I find her hilarious. But it was a really low and pointed move to exclude Adrienne. Adrienne, on the other hand, fought back in the most unexpected yet effective way -- by extending an olive branch. Or rather an entire olive tree, as Kyle Richards observed.

When in the middle of the party that huge monstrosity of a flower arrangement arrived, it made a statement for sure. "It's like a Thanksgiving Day parade float!" Taylor's friend Dwight said. When it was revealed that it was from uninvited guest Adrienne, that statement became even louder but not quite clear.

It's not like you can be pissed at someone for sending flowers, and you look pretty ungracious if you don't assume they came with the best of intentions. But I suspect it was more of a public jab at Lisa by Adrienne, calling her out for not inviting her. If that was her intent, it was nicely played. If she really just was sending them to say congrats, then she definitely went overboard.

The previews were one huge blur of drama that promise an incredibly explosive season. Get ready.

Team Adrienne or Team Lisa? Do you think Adrienne sent the flowers to get in a dig at Lisa?

Image via Bravo

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Kay Wiermaa


nonmember avatar ruthless1

Team Lisa! Andrienne is extremely unlikeable. When I heard her marriage fell apart I was not surprised: seems like she treats her husband (and everyone else) like crap. I was glad when Lisa called her on her poor behavior because I get the distinct impression that most people dont.

Anna Maria

Team Lisa all the way!! Adrienne is so self-involved that she can't imagine why Lisa would still be pissed at being  on accused national television of selling stories to gossip magazines? Lisa seems like a loyal friend and to be accused fo otherwise is of the utmost disrespect. I'm glad Paul got away from that obnoxious witch. He was too nice for her.


lifeh... lifehappy

After last night's episode and the preview of the season to come, I don't think I'm going to watch my guilty-pleasure anymore. I love the drama, but it seems like it's going to get really vicious, and I can't stomach watching people put all their dirt out there for the sake of "fame". It's just gross.

nonmember avatar aja

team lisa. those ten pounds on Taylor look amazing. i never thought she looked pretty but she actually looks good now.

Mary Ann Isaksen

Team Lisa! 

Adrienne became very unlikable last season and the accusations she made towards Lisa were friendship ending words. I'd certainly have ended a friendship with someone who even thought I'd be capable of something that awful!

Adrienne says in her blog that she just asked the florist to send something nice. Please. That's ridiculous. She was doing it to make a statement.

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