New Jef Holm Cheating Rumors Make Him the Biggest Player in 'Bachelorette' History


Jef HolmTheir break up was already pretty sad and disappointing to begin with, but now that Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have parted ways for good, new allegations of deceit and infidelity could make things pretty awkward between them at any future Bachelor/Bachelorette reunions.

While both of them were accused of cheating on each other shortly after their engagement, a new source claiming to be his ex-girlfriend says that Jef Holm actually cheated on Emily Maynard with five girls -- all at or around the same time! (WTF?)

Yep -- a new Twitter account with the handle @JefHolmsEx has surfaced, and apparently the woman behind the tweets is none other than one of Jef's former flames. And her claims about Jef's lust for the ladies are really nothing short of shocking. She says:

He was dating 5 girls at once before he went on the Bachelorette. After filming was over, he met up with all of us to explain he went on the show for fun and wanted to start up the relationships again. And he did. We never knew he won or was engaged, not until it came out, then he decided to be faithful to Emily. LOL We all kept his secret because he was "such" a nice guy and asked us to. We never knew about the others until he got caught by Emily with one of us.

OMG!! Are you believing this? If this person's claims are true, then Emily should be breathing a huge sigh of relief right now for figuring out that the Prince Charming we ALL fell in love with during her season is nothing more than a five-timing player with a cool haircut and a suave way of wooing the ladies. 

I'll be the first to admit that I was hooked and sold on all things Jef the minute he wheeled in on that skateboard during Emily's first cocktail party. I never would've pegged him for the type to go on the show for the wrong reasons or deceive Emily in any way, and that's why I'm seriously hoping this Twitter account isn't really an ex, and was simply set up by some crazed fan. (For the record, it's not me.)

And oh yeah, one more thing -- this "ex" also says that Jef has a new lady in his life named Haley Hutchins -- and she's only 19! I don't wanna believe that rumor either, but it isn't entirely impossible. After all, Jef was supposedly partying it up with sorority girls at the University of Utah recently, so it's possible that he's dating someone who isn't even old enough to be Ricki's mom.

OMG. If any of this is true, Emily did herself a huge favor and got out just in time. (I always knew she was a smart gal.)

Do you believe that Jef cheated with five other women?


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Catrina Stirling

Wow not good. She should have pick other guy

mande... manderspanders

I can't believe you think any of this is real. anyone going on a reality show doesn't really have altruistic intentions. if you're going to go on a reality dating show you get what you deserve ...because there isn't any reason for going on the show other the same or money

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Can't believe everything I read about either one of them. In defense of Jef, he appeared to be pretty laid back, don't know if he was seriously "dating" all of the girls before the show. Seems like he enjoys hanging out with friends. If he did hang out at the college well that's his business he is single and they are legal. What was the age difference between Emily and Brad back in the day seriously...lots of older men date younger woman. It doesn't make anyone a bad person. In regards to his tweets is he flirting or just being funny?

As for Emily, she is single as well. To have a kid at 18 or 19 from a 24 year old wow....guess her old fiance was creepy to than as well.

Bottom line is Emily seems to be a nice person. From what we know from her TV image. And Jef, I can't knock the guy his company is doing good things. Yes, it is a for profit company but, they support an excellent cause and how many other companies exist that are trying to do the same. Just my two cents.

Rose Marie Livingston

lets hear it from Jef himself...I certainly don't want to believe this guy would be having relations with more than one girl at a time. That's just sad and disrespectful to all woman. He apparently doesn't care what people think of him... I really want him to speak up and try to put these nasty rumors to rest. Thank you

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