John Cusack's Rush Limbaugh Biopic Will Reveal the Truth Behind Right-Wing Talk Radio

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john cusackFor anyone who lived through the '80s, John Cusack will always be Lloyd Dobler, holding the boombox blasting "In Your Eyes" above his head. But soon, he'll take on a verrrry different role -- as none other than misogynistic, homophobic extreme right-wing talk radio goon Rush Limbaugh. Here's what we know so far ... Cusack's New Crime Productions confirmed the working title is Rush, and director Betty Thomas, who is set to work on the film, said the production company is putting finishing touches on a script that will star Cusack. Production is set for next year.

Agggghh! Anyone with a soul has been trying to shut Rush up for YEARS. Why glorify his villainous career with a biopic?! Thankfully, I think we can expect that Cusack's NOT going to be doing Rush any favors with this flick ...

The actor is a known, outspoken liberal. So more likely than not, he'll probably be going for a script similar to Game Change, HBO's take on the 2008 election and Senator McCain's choosing of Sarah Palin as his VP candidate. In other words, it's GOT to be a cynical, skeptical, skin-crawling look at Rush's rise to fame.

But all we really know so far about the aim of the film comes from Cusack's rep who says:

The script would explore the rise and reinvention of American Talk Radio, and Limbaugh's continued influence and impact over the last three decades in that world.

Interesting. I'm seein' a bit of a The People vs. Larry Flynt-type vibe, but whereas Flynt was the courageous protaganist in that award-winning feature, Rush will most definitely be shown as an anti-hero, out to rile up the right-wing masses. Though, only time will tell how the script really plays out ... and how the movie's received, of course! At the very least, watching handsome 46-year-old John Cusack's transformation into the 61-year-old, balding, portly Rush Limbaugh will be entertaining in itself.

Would you go see this flick?

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Flori... Floridamom96

"Agggghh! Anyone with a soul has been trying to shut Rush up for YEARS." I was going to comment, but I think your words say it for me.

tbruc... tbrucemom

I'm a conservative and don't particularly care for Rush, but what he does isn't any different that someone like Bill Maher or Howard Stern, they're all entertainers. Also, on what planet is Larry Flynt, publisher of porn, which is the definition of misogyny, "courageous"? I know, I know, he's practicing freedom of speech. Can't the same be said of Rush? Why is it ok when the person is "on your side"?

nonmember avatar Chris

Rush is homophobic and misogynistic? LMFAO! I've been listening to Rush for two decades and he's never called a female the C-Word like Bill Maher called Sarah Palin. And he's never said that he hopes a female Democrat's husband "f**ks her angrily" like Maher said about Michele Bachmann.

One of Rush's best friends is Elton John, who sang at Rush's wedding. Hardly a homophobe I'd say. Five bucks says you've never even listened to Rush!

nonmember avatar S. Mark Asparro

Dear Ms. Brown: you are soooo wrong about Mrs. Romney; she is not the least "polarizing" and your comments to the contrary suggest you have never paid any attention to what she has said publically. Please be more honest with your work.

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