No Doubt Pulls 'Racist' Video But They Shouldn't Have (VIDEO)


no doubtNo Doubt has never been particularly controversial but it is at the center of a media storm. American Indians say the band's new "Looking Hot" video is racist.

Debuting on YouTube last Friday, it is a satirical take on and old-fasioned Western, featuring cowboys and -- you guessed it -- Indians, and the images have many people up in arms.

In the video, lead singer Gwen Stefani plays an Indian princess who is captured by cowboys. The cast is dressed in stereotypical garb -- headdresses, beads, carrying spears, etc.

As soon as it hit the net, fans in the Native Community began to complain. I totally understand their gripe. Stereotypes are incredibly annoying at best and demeaning and insulting at worst. It reminds me of the Italian American community’s response when the Sopranos first debuted on HBO. Many felt that it fed into the idea that all Italians were in the mob or linked to organize crime. Then came the Jersey Shore cast. No one wanted people to think they represented average, everyday, Italian folk.

That's not the only cultural group dealing with images they don't appreciate of a culture on TV. I cringe every time I watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives. I always think, "I hope people aren't too dumb to realize we are not all like that." Despite all the uproar, none of these shows ever went anywhere -- nor should they have. It's silly entertainment pure and simple. And I can't imagine that No Doubt had any nefarious, mean-spirited intentions. In fact, the band (which includes Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont) said they consulted with "Native American friends" when coming up with the concept.

They explained in a statement on their website:

"As a multi-racial band our foundation is built upon both diversity and consideration for other cultures. Our intention with our new video was never to offend, hurt or trivialize Native American people, their culture or their history. Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realize now that we have offended people. This is of great concern to us and we are removing the video immediately."

It's clear that the band did not mean to hurt anyone. From what I could see of the clip, it was a very dramatic-yet-kitschy take on a western. It seemed no way near as insulting as some of those big screen westerns that are still being produced. Again, I understand the criticism and all fans deserve a voice when they don't like something. I just have to question whether pulling the video from the Internet was really necessary.

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Do you think the video is racist?

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dirti... dirtiekittie

it's 2012 - someone will find something offensive about everything. i don't think it's racist when you portray history. did Native Americans wear headdress' and use spears as weapons? why yes, yes they did. was there fighting between cowboys and Native Americans over land, materials and people? yes, there were.

the thing is, it's something in our past. there's lots of racist stuff in our past, because as a nation we've grown from it. does that mean we should stop teaching history?

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Would have killed the music group to hire some native american actors for the video, just to lend some authenticity to it?   Gwen still could have been an "indian princess".  In some tribes, who faught the whites, they took hostages and eventually made them part of the tribe.  A lot stayed, had mates and families.   

But that aside... It is just a silly video with actors playing dress up.  The old westerns that the music video was emulating didn't use native american actors either.  Most of the "indians" were white actors in black wigs and bronze make up.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

people will find anything to complain about. If a band only showed one race in their videos, they would be considered racist. If they do something like this, people find something to criticize & omg its racist!

nonmember avatar kimimilasapa

I'm Lakota Sioux, I love No Doubts music. I wish tribes didn't get so hurt so fast. Its a form of art. Yea, we don't want people getting wrong idea. Everyone went to school they should know what native american culture is and what happened. The video should be posted. Native tribes need to take a break from hating on everything. -->If<-- she made fun of our culture and clearly was her intent then go have a hay-day but not over this video.

nonmember avatar shashon sun

Why pull the video. You made the racist video. No Doubt, is a white dominated hate group. They are white, and that makes them a racist. Just go ahead and be a racist, or "just a girl". Just a lily white girl, that is a racist

Kirsten Meyer

I'm Cherokee and haven't seen the video. I do think there is a line between kitsch and offensive, and here's the thing: its for Natives to decide. I find it troublesome when non-Natives feel like they can determine what's acceptable or not regarding Native imagery. I like No Doubt, I don't think they are racist and I think more of them for their handling of this. There is a flawed logic behind some of these posts. If a bunch of non-Blacks sit around and discus whether wearing "blackface" is offensive, and say its really not a big deal, would it be acceptable? You can dismiss it as political correctness run amok but I think it comes down to courtesy, respect, and decency. Simply because you CAN do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD.

Sarah Collver

I couldn't agree with Kristen Meyer's previous comment more. Though I am mostly white and only a tad bit native, i saw this video and I was very uncomfortable with it. I am not a big fan of old holy wood stereotypes in Western films. And I did get offended by how Gwen Stefani hyper-sexualized Native American culture. No real native woman would dress like Stefani in this video.

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