'Twilight' Actress Ashley Greene Could Make Anastasia Steele the New Bella Swan

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Ashley GreeneAs we keep moving closer to the lead roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie being cast -- one gorgeous Twilight star keeps popping up on the radar screen as a possible Ana -- and it sounds like there's a real chance of her landing the job.

She's been listed as a possibility in fan casting polls for a while, but now it seems that more and more people are really warming up to the idea of Ashley Greene playing Anastasia Steele, which really shouldn't come as a huge shock considering she fits the physical description of the character perfectly. (Brunette, nice body, great eyes -- what else is there?)

And with Breaking Dawn Part 2 releasing in less than two weeks, Ashley's lifestyle is definitely about to change. Heck, she even joked that "Twilight has ruined her" and is already bummed out about not having first class plane tickets purchased for her when she travels.

Yes, I know she's being a bit dramatic, but let's be honest -- it's highly doubtful that Kristen Stewart will have to worry about falling off the radar screen even though the last film in the series is coming out. Bella Swan is one of those iconic roles that people will always associate with Kristen -- but if Ashley is cast as Anastasia Steele? OMG. Look out Bella -- you're about to be demoted in a HUGE way.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is already creating one of the biggest buzzes in movie history, so whoever winds up landing the coveted roles of Anastasia and Christian are pretty much guaranteed to move straight to the top of Hollywood's A-list -- and odds are good they'll stay there for quite some time.

So while Ashley Greene's role as Alice Cullen in Twilight may have not propelled her to super-stardom, you can bet your last dime that playing Anastasia Steele will do the trick. Face it people -- once that movie comes out, Ana will officially become the new Bella overnight. If Ashley really, really cares about flying first class as much as she says she does, she'll do whatever it takes to snag this role.

Do you think Ashley will be cast as Ana?


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Teresa Myers


Diana Bourassa

yes she would make a great Ana....

Heidi Caldwell

yea i think ashley should play steele, i would love to see channing tatum play grey....


nonmember avatar Candi

Reading 50 Shades, I always felt like Mia- Christioan's sister, acted alot like Alice's character in Twighlight, very upbeat, kinda crazy person. Haven't thought about her as Ana though...hmmm

nonmember avatar Shelly DePaco

I love the idea, I think if given the chance she would be spectacular!

Lori Martinson Cyples

I could see her playing Ana with Channing Tatum as Christian.  I could honestly see Mila Kunis playing Mia.....she's always been feisty like that in her roles.


Jessica Esque

I am all for this beautiful lady getting the role!!! I think she fits the criteria perfectly

Tracy Houston

if ashley did get the part off ana steele good luck to her so long as k stewart doesnt get to play ana thats a no no from me

Vickey Lewis

I think Ashley would be perfect casting as Anastasia. I always thought Ashley would have brought life to Bella, something stewart failed to do. kstews bella bored me to death in the film. given the chance i think greene would ace the role as steele.

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