'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Are Real Hurricane Sandy Heroes

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After Hurricane Sandy ravaged New Jersey and New York, regular people came out in droves to help those who'd lost everything. I expected celebrities to do the same -- especially given that a lot of them live in these areas. So I was disappointed when I hardly saw anything about celebs stepping up. Hometown heroes Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Christina Aguilera sang for the Sandy relief telethon, but if there was a celeb dishing grub or handing out bags of designer clothing in the blackened West Village (where a lot of them live), I missed it. Gov. Christie even took to begging The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber to help out. I also monitored some celebrities Twitter accounts for updates about what they might be doing. Most of them merely posted a link to the Red Cross. The exception here -- the BIG exception -- was the ladies from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo got on the ground in a very real way, with them and their families traveling to devastated areas to hand out food and supplies. Nor are they keeping their good deeds to home turf. Tweeted Jacqueline:

She and fellow cast member Caroline Manzo have also been burning up Twitter retweeting information about shelters, homeless pets, and even open gas stations. Caroline's son, Albie, has also been on the ground helping people. She tweeted:


Even a former Jersey housewife, whose name I won't mention lest she be deluged with requests, has offered assistance to a friend of mine who lost her home in Staten Island and needs foster care for her dogs.

I won't say the women of Jersey Housewives have always acted impeccably on their show. But when the chips are down, these ladies are class acts.

What do you think of the Jersey Shore ladies helping with Sandy relief?

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LSeab... LSeabolt1982

As nice is that is....they are celebs and should be doing what they are doing...

Flori... Floridamom96

Actually everyone should be doing what they can celebrity or not.

Marilyn VanDyk

Bravo ladies...I'm down in Howell near Pt. Pleasant...we're ALL in this together...keep up the good work


Norma J Brill

 Help and do what you can do for those in need. Just being a plain simple folk don't expect the light to shine on you, only celebrities get that spot, but you will still be a bright star  and God bless.

Dee Knowlton

Hello ,can u not read?They r doing what they can.geez!!Doesn't matter who they r celebs or not,any one that can help with any needs should b doing it.hummm what r u doung to help??oh wait u don't have to because ur not a celeb!!

Dee Knowlton

My comment was to seabolt.u r so very right on Norma!!


Donna L. Barksdale

I think those who have ...should be helping out those who don't......that is what America is all about... Bravo to My Girls of NJ.....


Christi Reynolds Belcher

Jon Bon Jovi cut his European tour short when he heard the news about Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impact. The New Jersey native rushed back to his home state and rolled up his sleeves to help those who needed it most.

You may know Steve Buscemi from his roles in Fargo, The Big Lebowski and Boardwalk Empire, but before he was an award-winning actor, he was a New York City firefighter. After 9/11, he volunteered with his old unit. This past weekend, he headed out to the Rockaways and the hardest hit area, Breezy Point, where so many of his FDNY brothers and sisters live, and had once again lost so much.

Sylvia M Huizar

I heard that Melissa and her husband lost everything...is this true?

Susan Williams

Caroline & Jacqueline helping out doesn't surprise me at all. They seem sincere whether there is a camera rolling or not. Keep it up ladies. You're awesome!


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