'16 & Pregnant' Star Ends Her Second Pregnancy in Abortion

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Jamie McKay abortionIn this country, abortion is a reality. It is a legal choice many women make and yet on shows like 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom, it might as well not exist. Well now 16 and Pregnant Season 3 star Jamie McKay had an abortion and was open about it on Twitter. Her admission ignited a landslide of controversy.

McKay is the mother of Miah who was born in 2010. Apparently she and her boyfriend have not been practicing safe sex and she got pregnant with number two. The other day, she tweeted: "Rest in peace little angel. September 17, 2012" along with an ultrasound picture. Then she admitted she aborted the fetus. 

Twitter erupted. Some were furious. Some were supportive. The whole thing was bizarre and worrisome for a lot of reasons, but the reality is, abortion is a choice in this country and McKay made the right one. So why can't that be on TV?

A couple years ago, there was a "special" 16 & Pregnant that showed one of the former stars having an abortion, but in general, the procedure is barely a blip on these girl's radar. It's a choice in this country. It's legal. And yet, it's barely mentioned on TV. Why? Because people flip their lids.

Guess what? It's no one's business. McKay's body is her business. Yes, even if she mentions it on Twitter. If I had a 16-year-old daughter, I would want her to have an abortion. I would want someone in TV showing her that she has THREE choices when she becomes pregnant. Because the reality is she DOES. 

No matter what you think of abortion politically or personally, it IS legal in this country, so ignoring it on TV is doing a disservice to all women.

McKay did not have to reveal this. And she also claims she regrets it and made the wrong choice. But you know what? That's her right, too. That's the reality of abortion. People have mixed feelings about it. Some regret it. Some don't. Some are happy they did it. But all are REAL. It is a real choice. So why does MTV ignore it?

As long as abortion is legal, it should be equally represented on Teen Mom.

Do you think 16 & Pregnant should have abortions?


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nonmember avatar KathyT.

Sure, some people regret having an abortion. I regret NOT having one. I put a baby up for adoption when I was 17 and she recently did some research and found me. I thought I was doing a good thing by putting her up for adoption, but she has had the most miserable, abused, neglected existence that I can ever imagine, and she has made my life a living hell. She would have been better off never being born, as she told me herself. I have cried myself to sleep too many times over this. Don't ever assume you know what is best for everyone else. Self-righteousness is not attractive.

shade... shade.lotus

Some of you should be ashamed. Its not your body is it? No it is not. Just like we all make our own choices is life who are you to say that hers was right or wrong? I had an abortion when I was 17, not because I did not want the child but because my body was not doing it right. I had an ectopic pregnancy. And even still I felt horrible about doing it. Even after repeated statements made to me that the baby would have killed me then. My body my choice. Her body her choice. Stop treating it like religion and stating that someone is a bad or less than valued person because the views they have are wrong in your eyes. And mostly don't shove your ways down another's throat. If anything is wrong its the people that make others feel bad for a choice they made. Some people these days...

jalaz77 jalaz77

Now she should have her tubes tied. She is an idiot. And I am pro choice.

Billie Jo Evans

If she realized she was unable to care for baby #2 right now I support her in her decision. Obviously she's already a young mother, mistakes do happen, and I think another baby right now would NOT be a good decision for her. I personally would never get an abortion, I couldn't deal with it and I'm in a position where we can care for our children. She did the right thing, but now she needs to learn from what happened and USE BIRTH CONTROL! Get on the pill, use condoms along with spermicidal lubricant! I'm sure if you use several contraceptions at once it should be nearly impossible to get pregnant, lol. My daughters will be well informed and I even plan on having these things accesible for them, you can't force your children to not have sex, but you can aid in protecting them.


Jmsosa Jmsosa

I'm not taking a stand about abortion, but I don't like that your article didn't give all the info. If you read the linked article, it says that she feels like she made a mistake. Just read the attached article.

nonmember avatar Lucy

Umm it's pretty tacky to say it was the "right" choice, whether you are pro-choice or not. Who are you to say that?? You bloggers come across as so FOR abortion like it's something to be celebrated. It's pretty sick.

purvi... purvislets

Abortion should NEVER be used as birth control, which is obviously what happened in this case.  And if she didn't want the criticism, then she shouldn't have put herself in the public eye.  

basmet basmet

I think killing a baby is sin, taking a life at any age is a sin.  I hope she learns the miracle of repentance and finds peace.

nonmember avatar stella

@basmet, what makes you think she hasn't found peace?

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