Twilight Haters: Mama Pop's Response to Critics


Mama Pop has a great post about the Twilight movie haters. MamaPop's hilarious Catherine wrote an awesome response to the critics. Read her response, Dear Twilight Haters: Criticism, You're Doing It Wrong.

How can you not love a guy that stops a moving vehicle with this hands? If you can't tell, I am a card carrying member of the Twilight Obsessed Fan Club.

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tyfry... tyfry7496

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have heard that it is awesome. I loved the books and am just waiting for money to go see the movie.


jms124 jms124

I read all 4 books in just over 2 weeks...I could not put them down!  I can't wait to see the movie.

rona503 rona503

i went with my son and his girlfriend to the movie and it was so good .i can not wait till the next one come out.

baref... barefootbchbum

I loved the and my DH and DD went and saw it and we loved everything..I can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it again and again...that and Rob Pattinson [Edward Cullen] was goregous...I too am a card carrying member of the Twilight obsessed fan

zombi... zombie_mommy

I just feel that Twilight is too childish for me.  I've picked up the book and tried reading it, but I immediately think of being 12 again, obsessing over boys, true love and fantasy.  I need something more adult oriented and on an adult level.  I've read reviews and damn, I can see why its such a hit, but not with me.

cmari... cmarielin

This was a great movie!  I haven't heard anything bad about it yet.  My kids made me get out and have a good time this afternoon (all I usually do is and they had me take them to see Twilight.  It was wonderful!  I hope there will be a sequel!  :-)

Sarah... SarahShirey

There better be a sequel!!! I also read all 4 books in 6 days.  I didn't get much sleep then but it was all worth it to find out how it all ends.  I'm seeing the movie this weekend and can't wait!!!  They need to make a movie out of every single book.  And the part about making you feel 12, I think that's great.  Remember what it was like to be 12 and that quesy butterfly felling you got by just talking to a boy.  That was great.  Brought me back to easier times

Lumin... LuminousMom

I live in Utah... grand central station for the Twilight fanatics. Something to do with the Author being LDS.. All I ask is we get a break... I wont be a hater, as long as I dont have to hear about it every 2 seconds, mkay? lol... sound like a deal?

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

Luminous Mom, Zombie Mom, well said.

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