'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Is Too 'Sincere' to Make Good TV

Sean LoweIf you can believe it, Sean Lowe is currently filming his season of The Bachelor, which, if you also can believe it, will air in January. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday he was tricking Emily Maynard into thinking that he lived with his parents in his childhood bedroom? Good times. Now he's all grown up and is wowing his very own set of wanna-be wives who are clamoring for a shot at fame, and a shot at a husband. To that end, Chris Harrison has shared with Us Weekly that Sean's doing a great job weeding through the women and is narrowing in on finding a "lady", as Chris describes it. The host went on to say that Sean is "so sincere" and says that fans will love his season because he's really invested in finding that "someone" special.

To which I say -- a bull, a shit.


Come on, Harrison -- who does he think he's kidding? Does he really think we like watching The Bachelor because it's just a normal guy looking to fall in love? No. We watch because we like seeing people make a fool of themselves. We also like the cat fights, the tears, the villain, and yeah, those unreal dates where they fly to private islands are pretty fun to witness, as well. We do not tune in to see an average Joe talk to an average Jane about what it was like growing up in Texas.

So if that's what Chris is trying to sell us, we ain't buying. He says that Sean is "very well read, very intelligent ... [Sean] really wants to find love" and hey, that's all well and good, but if Emily Mundaneyard's season didn't teach us a lesson about what does and doesn't make good TV, then we need to reevaluate the Bachelor franchise. I mean, the most interesting part of Emily's season was when it was over.

I hope Sean isn't too hell-bent on being some upstanding guy whose only vice is shirtlessness. I don't think I can handle another season of boring blond people pretending that they're going to be the one and only Bachelor or Bachelorette who's actually going to find love and live happily ever after. I'd rather watch an asshole on TV than a sincere one any day of the week.

Bentley for Bachelor, 2014.

Do you think Sean's season will be boring?

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