Snooki’s Latest Lorenzo Photo Is Most Telling of All

SnookiYesterday, Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, tweeted a picture of her and her baby Lorenzo that is hands down the most beautiful one I’ve seen yet. Not only is little Lorenzo one undeniably cute kid, but there’s Snooki, bare-faced and beautiful with nary a fake eyelash nor hint of bronzer in sight. She looks peaceful, happy, and like the good mother no one thought she would ever be.

We’d seen her before without makeup, and were shocked with just how much better we liked it that look than the glammed-up meatball one she serves up on Jersey Shore. But she’s never looked more beautiful than she does in this picture, and it’s so telling of how happy she is. As cliche as it sounds, she has a glow, and it’s gorgeous. Even Nicki Minaj was impressed with the picture. The singer tweeted yesterday, “he’s beautiful snooks, congrats!!! @snooki.”

Of all of the Jersey Shore crew, for awhile she’s the one I would have said had the least promising future. I would have bet she’d be in rehab before I’d have bet I’d be admiring her for being an outstanding example of motherhood. But she’s proven me and everyone else wrong, and has done such a 180 in the face of the public’s judging eye. And it’s not like there was nothing to judge either. It wasn’t long ago that she was getting arrested, peeing on herself in the middle of dance floors, and generally skeeving everyone out with her sloppy, slutty ways. Now she’s genuinely looking like a mom you’d want to have a play date with and pick her brain for good parenting tips.

I thought once her long restrictive months of pregnancy were over, she might wander back to her wild ways, but the only thing we’ve really seen her go wild with is Tweeting photos of her and Lorenzo — and that we’ll take any day.

Now she’s kind of like the Rudy of reality TV, the comeback kid we all want to cheer for. In this case, maybe a fist pump is more appropriate, but good for her. And to all the haters out there saying that she and Jionni are just staying together so they can make bank off of their upcoming wedding, I can’t wait to see her prove them wrong too.

Oh, and don’t worry, she’s not giving up her signature style for good. Just a few minutes ago she tweeted this gussied-up version of herself showing that mama can still rock it Jersey style.

Are you surprised at how motherhood has changed Snooki?

Image via MTV

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Katie Hesney Johnson

She is so beautiful without all of that makeup!!! A natural beauty. And her son is adorable. 

Tip to Snookie: leave the makeup for the nights out (because as a mom, you are entitled to one or two!!), and let your natural beauty shine through!

caili... caililovesdeja

It's so sad that women judge other women. She was a single 20-something year old girl. Who cares if she was out partying and being SINGLE! She wasn't a mother then, how could you judge her on her capabilities of mothering??

"I thought once her long restrictive months of pregnancy were over, she might wander back to her wild ways, but the only thing we’ve really seen her go wild with is Tweeting photos of her and Lorenzo — and that we’ll take any day."

You don't even know her! Heck, I'm 22 and go out all the time, yet I don't have a baby. How can you think that just because I like to drink alochol and dance and have a good time I wont be a good mother?

MomLi... MomLily67

WOW, she is a beautiful young woman, and baby Lorenzo is adorable. No spray tan needed, her natural skin color  is perfect, of course that is her Latin heritage shining through!! 

I also agree that judging her for what she did BEFORE she even became pregnant is not correct, we were all  20  shomething, some of us  wild , others mor mature.  No se vale!! hahha.

DeShieka Hedgemon

At least as a author you can say you were wrong. But damn she was in her early 20s doing what most girl and guys do.  To have judge her so harshly speaks volumes about you and not her. Snooki has did her dirty. And it is the simple fact she was able to change her from focus from party girl to mom. That tells us she she was always smart, people just didn't want to see it. 

grnsm... grnsmomma

Since when does a few pictures prove she's a good mom?

artis... artistmom27

You guys that are judging the authors are either party animal college kids or not being true to yourself.

I am in my late 20's and even when I did party, I was never that bad. I also had a sense of responsibility and self control. Do I think she is a horrible person? No. When watching each episode when she is on a binge, drinking herself stupid or skipping out of work because she felt like it; am I thinking "Wow what a wreck!"? Yes. She seems like a nice girl, and the truth is we don't know her outside of her public image, but before the baby... Her public image made her look like she was going to be another rehab hopping fool.

I am glad to see this change of persona and I am definitely shouting "Go Nicole!!!" I have faith that the tender heart I saw in parts of the show and good humor are becoming more dominant.

Elizabeth Berens

Snookie should prove to everyone that you can not and should not judge someone because of what they did when they were young and did not have children.  Snookie has proven to be a wonderful mother who cares about her son and has turned her life around.  Everyone made mistakes as a single young adult (early and mid 20s) and changed their lives when they grew up and either got married or had children or found what they wanted to do with their lives.  Looking at what you see on the outside does not always tell you what you can find on the inside

Sharla Lulue

I am so proud of Nicole or "Snooki" for the amazing transition she has made from young party girl to happy and settled mommy. I know she had her crazy nights on the shore that I for one got quite a kick out of watching, but let's be honest, most of us were the same way to some extent. I won't lie, I WAS sloppy drunk on my 21st birthday. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed of it either. It's called being young and dumb, which is what we're all suppose to look back and laugh about when we're 40 and remembering our crazy times when we were young. The only difference is our crazy moments weren't recorded and televised for the world to see. Sure she might've got sloppy a few times or acted irresponsibly, but she did learn from it and she's definitely not the same now that she's a mom. That's the important thing. She's left her partying in the past and is happy to be where she is now. And yes, I am incredibly jealous of how beautiful she is completely bare-faced!

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