The Ultimate Robert Pattinson Fantasy Is Coming to a Store Near You

Rob PattinsonThe Breaking Dawn 2 premiere is almost two weeks away. You know what that means, y’all? We can get up close to a ginormous Robert Pattinson on the big screen! And now for the better news: it will soon be possible to get even closer to RPattz.

I’m talking wearing everyone’s favorite vampire on their neck kind of close. Intrigued? Oh come on, you know you want to bite … Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend (at least for now) has signed on with Christian Dior to become the new face of their men’s fragrance line! He’ll be getting some $12 million for three years of telling everyone that he’s a-Dior-able when he slaps cologne on that neck.


It’s a bit of a genius pairing, isn’t it? Dior gets one of the world’s sexiest leading men to make women (who are about to hit the cologne counters for the holiday shopping, mind you) drool. Pattinson gets a never-ending supply of sexy smells to cover up his stank (you do remember that whole debacle over him skipping showers and stinking up the Twilight set, right?). Win win!

And then, of course, there’s the advantage this little deal offers to all of us out here in the Twilight fandom.

RPattz’ diehard fans will now be able to buy a line of smells that will get them closer to their favorite star. Just spritz them on your honey’s neck and nuzzle in close ladies. Maybe add some gel and gently tousle your guy’s hair first for the full effect?

Let’s just hope the ad makers take heed of what Chanel did wrong with the Brad Pitt ads and give us something more out of Rob’s fragrance ads.

Will you be lining up to buy Dior to get a little closer to Rob?

Image via Splash News

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