Scott Disick Is Engagement Ring Shopping for Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney and scottIf Hurricane Sandy's got you down, take some solace in this beacon of hope: Scott Disick is reportedly shopping for an engagement ring for Kourtney Kardashian. I know. I, too, felt a warm, comforting, formless presence when I read that.

According to the Internet, the boyfriend of the sister of the woman who made a sex tape with the brother of an R&B/hip hop artist was spotted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida recently with a male friend perusing engagement rings at Levinson Jewelers. According to an overzealous onlooker: "Scott was most definitely shopping for engagement rings, and all of them were large!"

Could it be? Is the third Kardashian sister finally about to be betrothed?

Hard to say, as reports from onlookers -- and from anyone Kardashian-associated -- always need to be taken with a grain of salt. But if they are: What the hell?

Haven't reports been saying -- non-stop lately -- that Kourtney and Scott are on the rocks? That he's "out of control". That he's out every night drinking and partying while Kourtney's nannies takes care of the kids. If this is true, how can we believe anything we read in Star, Life & Style, or The National Enquirer. What's next? Are we going to find out that Jennifer Garner really wasn't in a "jealous rage" after finding out Ben Affleck "still talks to Jennifer Lopez"? I don't know up from down right now.

If the reports are true, a pre-emptive congrats, Kourtney. If you say yes, that is. If you say no, awk-ward. And if there's no truth to this whatsoever, please unread this, thanks.

Would you like to see Kourtney and Scott married?


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Karma Grant

Cameras were there filming for the show so I say it's all for the show. I've caught a few random episodes over the years while channel surfing and know he's been trying to get her to marry him for a long time. Good luck to them, married or not.

hello... hellokd87

If he really is ring shopping, then it's probably to try and kiss up to Kourtney. I'm sure he's no stranger to what the tabloids say about  him and he is away of his actions. He might be trying to keep Kourtney as his kash kow and having two children doesn't necessarily anchor her down to his side. She's been fed up with his attitude for the past few years. Even before Mason was born. If she wasn't so sure about him then I don't understand why she even went on to have two children with him, but that's her business. I just hope she thinks about herself as well, not just the kids. (Most couples on the rocks might think of staying together for the kids, but really, what child wants to be in a family where the parenst are always screaming at each other? It'd be better to part ways and let them grow up in a more peaceful environment than with two people constant at odds).

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