Will Smith Raps at Gabrielle Union's Birthday Party & We Wish He Didn't (VIDEO)

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Will SmithGather together a slew of good-looking people, free-flowing alcohol, Will Smith, a microphone, and what do you get? Gabrielle Union's 40th birthday party. While I can't really believe how Union looks THIS good at 40, I can believe that Mr. Smith took it upon himself to take a turn at the mic in honor of the big shebang. A little bit of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," a little bit of "Summertime," and a whole lot of freestyle, Smith bounced around alongside hip-hop star Doug E. Fresh.

I'm sorry to be the person to break this to you, Will, but, well -- I'm thinking these spontaneous Fresh Prince rap sessions need to come to a halt. It's just, it's time to move on. Watch Saturday's performance and see if you agree, here:

I can't lie -- the freestyle part was actually pretty good. But come on, Will, you're 44 years old. It's time to grow up, let your kiddos continue on to take their stab at the musical spotlight, and perhaps just stick to that acting career. I wouldn't mind another installment of Pursuit of Happyness. Unless, that is, you want to make some new music. I wouldn't object to that. In fact, I think it would be pretty comical.

Heck in the end -- I guess what's most important is that Gabrielle seemed to really be enjoying herself, right?

What did you think of Will's birthday performance?


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paige... paige8608

Just b/c he's rapping doesn't mean he's not grown up. What's wrong with a 44 yr old Will Smith rapping?He's having fun & he sounds good. I don't see how you could turn a fun, silly, positive thing into something negative. I love Will. He can do whatever he wants. 

Mindy... Mindymama

Gabrielle is so pretty. I really admire her.

Leonard Baugh

On the cool Will Smith is one of the best free style rappers ever and at 44 he just showed everyone that he still got it. Plus it's not the first time. There is a video out there where he is free styling with his young son. It's by blood not relation ya dig.

nonmember avatar joseph thomas

Isn't Jay-Z 43? And rapping is no longer a young people thing.

nonmember avatar jc

I don't know how old you are, but understand this is THEE generation of real hip hop at 43 he sounds better than he did back in the day. Don't hate!!!

Lala Latrisha Denise Green

Why do people feel the need to be so negative? He was doing his thing with his people to his music, and having a great time. Creativity and youthful fun does not stop unless the people who subscribe top the culture of boring make it stop. So, use your bloggy notoriety to do something a little more encouraging, I would say. Leave the rougue criticism to the haters who are too jelly to enjoy a good jam.

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