Robert Pattinson's '50 Shades of Grey' Fantasy Includes Having a Woman in Charge


Robert PattinsonOk, if you're one of those fans who swoons at every single thing Robert Pattinson does, no matter what it is, then you might want to sit down for what I'm about to tell you so you don't faint.

Apparently Robert is interested in writing his own Fifty Shades of Grey-style book -- which would basically reveal every single erotic fantasy he has trapped in that gorgeous brain of his. (OMG.)

And while the idea of him penning anything erotic is a huge turn-on in itself -- just wait until you hear how he would change things up in his version of the story. (Yes, I know Fifty doesn't really have a story, but you know what I mean.)

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When asked in a recent interview about possibly writing a book, Rob said:

Surely something along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey. I would really like to do that and put a spin on it by inverting the casting roles: making the woman the one who is punishing the man. It would be so much fun. Something like Misery ... but really he loves to be in that situation, you know?

Um, did Robert Pattinson basically just admit that he has some sort of fantasy about being punished or dominated by a woman? Because if he does, I'm sure there are more than enough ladies who are ready and willing to be the sole source of inspiration for his writing.

And if he does go ahead and decide to hunker down and write this thing, E.L. James better be prepared for whatever erotic novel he comes up with to put Fifty Shades to shame in a BIG way. (Seriously, whose fantasies would you rather read?)

Yeah, that's what I figured.

(Excuse me, I need to go try and cool off now.)

Would you read an erotic novel written by Robert Pattinson?


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Regilean Susan Deans Kikta

Better than reading a book by Rob, I would love to see him cast as Christian Gray. He would make a good Christian, he has the smirk needed.

Virid... ViridianSoul

If he can actually write, I'd read it.

Angela Gilbert

noooooooooooo not him no offends someone is very sexy and hot

Angela Gilbert

i misspell it no offense i don't want him as christian grey Robert is cute but i want Ian S, Tyler Hand Alex P to be him but if he write book i might read it

Juanita Butler

I am intrigued! It doesn't have to be compared to FS. I'd like to hear what RP has to say - sexy! Absolutely refreshing from male POV! Bring it on :)

EmmaL... EmmaLovesAlan

I am not, even REMOTELY attracted to Robert Pattinson. He's just not my type, at all (Alexander Skarsgard on the other hand...yum!). But I would definitely buy a book like that! It sounds very interesting, and I hope it's more sexy and less crappy than 50 Shades.

Leah Denise Presley-Fox

I'd read it for sure, Rob is adorable and i'd be interested to see how he could spice it up!! @EmmaLovesAlan...I'm right there with you Alexander Skarsgard is absolutely mouth watering lol

Alison Sixsmith

hell yes he can be my submissive any day lol


Michelle Roberts

O what i could show and do to rob then let him wright that book

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