'Walking Dead' Recap: A Bunch of New Faces (& One Blast From the Past)

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The Walking DeadIt's the Sunday before Halloween, and I think you know what that means: the inexorable downward spiral has begun, and it's only a matter of time until you wake up from a drooling chocolate coma, surrounded by a staggering pile of colorful wrappers, while your children sit nearby weeping brokenly over the mysterious decimation of their coveted candy stash. Also, The Walking Dead was on tonight! Man, you gotta love October.

When last we left our hardy gang of survivors, we learned Hershel's fate, discovered what happens when Rick gets pissed, and got an inkling that someone -- friend or foe? -- was keeping an eye on their not-so-idyllic prison life.

As for what went down tonight, let's recap some of the (SPOILERY!) top Walking Dead moments:

Finally, an explanation for that mysterious helicopter from season one. Remember the 'copter that Rick saw two seasons ago, right before his horse got turned into walker chow in downtown Atlanta? Now we know it belonged to a military squad, who had the bad luck to crash within the Governor's reach. (Actually, did the Governor's guys take it down by shooting the rotors? I'm thinking yes.)

Merle! He's baaaaaaaaaaack. Turns out Merle made it off that roof after all, and he's made himself a nice little stump-weapon. Granted, it's no Ash's Chainsaw from Evil Dead 2, but it's still pretty badass. I'm kind of glad Merle's back in the show, because in addition to delivering the awesome line, "Now, how’s a bout a big hug for your old pal Merle?" I suspect there's going to be something interesting down the line involving him turning against the Governor in order to save his brother Daryl.

Michonne is hardcore. Not only did she come up with the ingenious idea of using the walkers as camouflage, she wasted no time in hacking their heads right the hell off when she needed them to STFU. Plus, she pretty much held the exact same expression for the entire episode, which was, like, a seriously impressive amount of suspicious glowering. While Andrea seems to be developing something of a little crush on the Governor, Michonne's isn't buying any of it -- she's lurking in the background, glowering at everything, visibly twitching to get her hands back on her katana sword.

The Governor isn't what he seems. Well, duh. Even if you haven't read the comics, the show creators have been pretty up front about the fact that the Governor's character isn't really the benevolent, reluctant leader of a peaceful little town. Now that we've seen him slaughter the remaining army guys (viciously bludgeoning one guy to death while gleeking all over the place, clue numero uno this guy's a few beers short of a six pack), pillage their supplies, and lie to the town about what happened, we know he's a ruthless killer -- and while it's clear Merle is his slightly clueless go-to guy for violence, it's less obvious what's going on with Milton the scientist. Is Milton trying to figure out how to control the zombies for the Governor? Is he working on a cure? Do the severed heads of walkers floating in a wall of fish tanks have anything to do with Milton's work, and Milton's questions about whether the walkers remember anything about who they once were, and possibly the family photo that the Governor looked at? Or are they just there for his twisted viewing enjoyment? What part of this particular storyline is going to be like the comics? So many questions, so few answers.

Speaking of questions, what was in the tea that Milton gave Andrea? Is he just proud of his tea-brewing technique, or what?
What did you think of tonight's episode? Also, if you don't mind weighing in, I'd love to know if you're more interested in a full recap like I did for the last couple episodes, or more of a just-the-highlights post like this one?

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zombi... zombiemommy916

Full recaps, please!! And yes, the Governor's men DID shoot that chopper down (if you listened closely, you could definitely hear a bullet hitting the helicopter)...

SO happy Merle is back!! And I hope you're right about him turning on the Governor to save Daryl, I'd LOVE to see that! I also think the tea is just tea (they elaborated on the tea-thing during The Talking Dead after the show)...I'm definitely curious as to what the Governor's deal truly is, as I've elected not to read the graphic novels any further...what's the reason for the pet walker heads? They're still "alive" in those tanks, aren't they?

There is so much to look forward to, and I can't wait for the burning questions to be answered as only this show can!!!!

Anna Martin

I love reading your full recaps!  I log on every Sunday night/Monday morning after watching the show.  I was so baffled with Andrea flirting with the governor!  Doesn't she see how f'ed up he is?!  Or does she not care if he's f'ed up because there's a serious shortage of hot guys in the zombie apocalypse?  I guess she hooked up with Shane last season and he was seriously unhinged.  Michonne has the right idea; trust no one!  I haven't read the books so I have no idea what to even possibly expect.  I'm on the edge of my seat this season!

Stace... StaceyBoBacey19

Full recap please! No cable at my house right now

Texas... TexasHeifer

Full recap! They're awesome. I read them before I watch the episode, otherwise I will spend the entire time hiding in my hoodie because I can't stand the suspense, begging my husband to tell me when it's over.

4cadi... 4cadillac

Either or...just keep me tuned in.

nonmember avatar terry77

Full recap for sure! Not only are they full of knowledge, but they crack me up! I think Andrea is tired of being on the run and is ready to settle down, as much as is possible in that world so that's why she's so trusting towards tjr Governor .....or she's just horny. Lol

Net1957 Net1957

Definitely a full recap! I look forward to reading them!

nonmember avatar Jessica

Full recaps!!!

dirti... dirtiekittie

@zombiemommy is right - the first hit to the chopper is unclear, and they think it's turbulence. but you actually hear the second shot that takes them down. i don't see rick and the gang looking to shoot people down, so it pretty much just leaves the woodbury folks.

a friend this morning made an interesting observation about andrea: maybe she really does just want some stability for a while. she looks at the governor and she sees another rick, but one who is in control and is protecting his (very large) group of people. after everything she's been through, maybe she really does feel like she can connect to merle as a now 'outcast' of the original group. and yeah, i think the dr is just really proud that he can even make tea... i mean, i'd imagine after a year of the zombie outbreak, tea may be difficult to find. or maybe it's kind of like a special thing for the upper levels of the governor's group - who knows?

oh gosh i can't wait for the next episode!! :)

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