Robert Pattinson's Wax Figure Has Fans Asking WHAT THE ...?!

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Robert Pattinson Wax FigureA Twitter commenter summed up the new wax figure of Robert Pattinson perfectly: "It's like Madame Tussaud told their designers 'who cares about Robert Pattinson's face', Focus ALL EFFORTS ON THE HAIR." Yup they got that bed-head hair down solid, I'd say. When I first saw this, I thought I was looking actor Edward Norton, until I was stopped by those eyebrows and then I understood. But some Twilight fans don't think this is any laughing matter at all, considering the museum spent $240,000 to make this thing.

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You see, thousands of women and girls (and some guys) line up for hours to see the exhibit at Blackpool, England museum, and get their picture taken next to "Rob," so for those people, this is pretty much the worst thing to ever happen in their life.

"Robert Pattinson's wax figure is laughably bad," said one Tweet. Still others are finding the humor in the whole thing and going with it. "That awkward moment when Robert Pattinson's wax sculpture looks better than he does."

Aw, it's not that bad. From a distance. With your glasses off. No word from Pattinson himself on what he thinks of the likeness, but knowing how humble and unassuming Rob is, he'd probably agree it looks better than he does in real life, too. He's just that kind of guy.

Do you think this looks like Robert Pattinson?

Image via Splash News

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kelti... kelticmom

I think they got Hugh Dancy confused with Robert Pattinson. Maybe they just think all Brits look alike.

Dylan... DylansMommyXo

That looks NOTHING like him.

nonmember avatar Stella Ryam

Kinda looks like Chandler from the TV show Friends. Lol

purvi... purvislets

I showed this to my husband (while New Moon was playing on the TV no less) and he had no idea who this was supposed to be.  Someone at Madame Tussaud's needs to be fired!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Maybe a little Zach Braff in there too, from his Scrubs days.

linzemae linzemae

Gerard butler

purpl... purpleflower514

Their wax figures are usually so good. Not so much here.

DieMy... DieMyDarling

It's not THAT bad. Not good, def not good enough coming from them, but I could tell who it's supposed to be.

nonmember avatar shan

@ stella- my first thought was Chandler Bing!!! Lmao

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Stella- my husband and I both thought Chandler as well! lol

Usually they do such an amazing (albeit creepy) job... poor Robert Patterson- to be the guy with the bad one. :-(

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